Netflix’s Toscana filmed Filming Locations, Full Cast, Plot, Review

Toscana is a Danish romance film directed and co-written by Mehdi Avaz with Nikolaj Scherfig. The film is produced by Puk Lodahl Eisenhardt along with the director Mehdi under Rocket Road Pictures and SF Studios. When a Danish chef travels to the Tuscany city, he meets a local woman who inspires him to think again before making any big decision like selling his father’s ongoing business to someone else. The beautiful landscapes and long roads belongs to the same place where the movie sets in. Let’s find out the exact places where the movie was shot.

Where is Toscana filmed?

Toscana movie was filmed at the exact location where the plot sets in, that is in Tuscany, Italy inside the Southern Europe. Filming began in October 2021 and wrapped up within the same in only 19 days, according to director Mehdi Avaz. Cinque Terre(located just outside Tuscany) was used to film the castle while the scenes with compact houses were done in Sienna and Pisa. A popular spa town named Montecatini Terme also featured in the movie.

Toscana filming locations

The place is also considered as a part of Western Europe where official language is Italiana. Tuscany is located in central Italy covering an area of around 23,000 square kilometers. The city is famous for its landscapes, artistic history, and legacy of great emperors. Florence, the capital city of Tuscany is another important tourist destination in Europe. New Heights was filmed in another country of Central Europe.

Michael Sauer Christensen had chosen the place to make the film more realistic and natural. He said, it was impossible to justify the title of the film if it was shot anywhere else. Also, the ideal environment and breathtaking landscapes were easily accessible inside the Tuscany so the director didn’t plan to move anywhere else.

Italy and France are emerging as the popular filming place for various new films as 365 Days 2, The Lost Daughter, etc. The trending Netflix series like Generation 56k, Summertime, Ordinary Heroes, 7 Lives of Lea were either filmed in Italy or in France.


  • Cristiana Dell’Anna as Sophia
  • Anders Matthesen as Theo
  • Thue Ersted Rasmussen as the Construction Expert
  • Lærke Winther as Merle
  • Sebastian Jessen as Zeuten
  • Sarah Juel Werner as Waiter #2
  • Ari Alexander as Lai
  • Andrea Bosca as Pino
  • Sergio Pantani as Priest
  • Ghita Nørby as Inge
  • Christoffer Jindyl as Vincent
  • Pino Ammendola as Luca
  • Karla Avaz as Kid #1
  • Vincent Nørby Avaz as Kid #4
  • Karoline Brygmann as Melanie
  • Elva Garcia Seidler as Sophia, Child
  • Christophe as Svend
  • Renzo Del Lungo as Livio Ricci
  • Elias Theo Avaz as Kid #2
  • Willam Sauer Christensen as Kid 3
  • Kaiser Houborg as Theo Child


  • Toscana is the first ever Danish movie to release on Netflix worldwide(18 May 2022)
  • Filming completed within 19 days.


The movie follows a Danish chef Theo Dahl(Anders Matthesen) who inherits his father’s business after his death. Theo decides to sell the business to start his rich life. As he tries to sell the property, he meets Sophia(Cristiana Dell’Anna) who advise him to rethink his decision on the sake of love. Will Theo been able to understand the deep meaning of Sophia’s words? Both the characters will develop a romantic relationship for each other and will probably decide to run the business together.

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