Where was the 7 Lives of Lea filmed? Netflix Cast, Synopsis

7 Lives of Lea is a French fantasy thriller series created by Charlotte Sanson for Netflix under Empreinte Digitale productions. Based on the 2019 novel of the same name by Lives of Léo Belami by Nataël Trapp, the series follows the seven lives of Leo. It is directed by Julien Despaux(4 episodes) and Emilie Noblet(3 episodes). It stars Raïka Hazanavicius, Khalil Ben Gharbia, and Marguerite Thiam in the main cast with other supporting cast. The series released on the original network Netflix on 28 April 2022 with a total of seven episodes. Each episode is having a runtime of 45 minutes.

7 Lives of Lea Filming Locations

7 Lives of Lea was filmed in Rocher de la Baume, Sisteron, France inside Europe. Filming began in November 2020 after long delays due to Covid-19 pandemic and wrapped up in March 2021 just before Raïka Hazanavicius joined the cast of Final Cut in April 2021.

7 Lives of Lea filming location
Rocher de la Baume in the French Netflix series

Sisteron is a commune in the Alpes-de-Haute Provence department inside Southeastern France. The place is situated on the banks of river Durance just after Buech and Sasse river, and that’s why sometimes it is referred to as Gateway to Provence. Moreover, the place is filled with forest and wood with almost 1573 hectares of jungle.

The location has historical as well as environmental significance. Some historians suggest that the romans used the route through Sisteron. As per international relations, the place is twinned with Italy, Spain, Tibet, and Germany.

Some parts of the filming was also done in nearby regions of the commune like Gorges de la Meouge, Montagne de Lure, and Citadelle de Sisteron.

Where was 7 Lives of Lea filmed

Even though, there is a variety of cafe and parks near the production studio, the cinematographers Brecht Goyvaerts and Lucie Baudinaud chose the best places to make the fantasy French series more lively. All the scenes have been beautifully filmed through Rocher de la Baume and the cast has done an excellent job on the set.

Paris is the capital city of France which is famously recognized by the world due to its iconic Eiffel tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre-Dame cathedral which is known as the filming locations for many of the French Netflix series but the filming of Lea series was done is a less popular region of France. The scenes were shot in a mountainous region and the Alps mountain range is clearly visible in the series episodes with a resort.

Cast of 7 Lives of Lea

  • Anouar H. Smaine as Monsieur Ibrahim
  • Raïka Hazanavicius as Lea
  • Kelly Bellacci as Dora
  • Thierry Rousset as père de Sandra
  • Ludovic Coutaud as Elève intello
  • Zirek as Hocine
  • Maïra Schmitt
  • Keith Farquhar as Prof d’anglais
  • Julia Nègre Fanny as Dancer
  • Khalil Ben Gharbia
  • Mélanie Doutey
  • Rebecca Williams
  • Anne Azoulay
  • Théo Fernandez
  • Alexander Ferrario
  • Samuel Benchetrit
  • Marguerite Thiam


The series follows the story of a woman who becomes a teenager boy named Ismael in her fantasy life. Surprisingly, she stumbles in the body of the same boy who went missing thirty years ago and now she is waking up in 1991 as “He”. She embarks on a journey to solve the mystery of Ismael’s disappearance and try to prevent it.

7 Lives of Lea Review

7 Lives of Lea series starts with energy featuring a 17 year old Lea partying near a river, she feels lonely even in the crowd. In an attempt to get rid of her emptiness, she starts drinking aggressively and look out in the search of a peaceful place. She found a skeleton wearing a silver bracelet which changes her life. Every time she sleeps, she wakes up in the 1991 with a different person’s body but with one similarity.

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