New Heights Filming Locations, Cast, Netflix Trailer, Plot Details

New Heights is a Swedish family TV series created by Marianne Wendt and directed by Sabine Boss(4 episodes) and Pierre Monnard(4 episodes) as a Netflix original. The story follows a successful Zurich based consultant whose happy life turned upside down when his father commits suicide leaving behind a heap of running debts. Even though, he isn’t aware about his real father as he left the house at an early age but when he discovers his existence as the son of a farmer with a small farm in a village, his life changes drastically. You might be wondering about the shooting locations and thinking where it took place. So, here’re the answers.

Where was Netflix’s New Heights filmed?

New Heights was filmed in the Zurich city and Uster Town inside Switzerland, Central Europe. Filming began in September 2020 and wrapped up in December 2020, cast member shared. Most of the filming was done within the city of Zurich.

New Heights filming locations

Zurich is the capital and largest city of country located in north-central Switzerland. The place is famous for its luxurious lifestyle, fancy chocolates, Uetliberg mountain, and historical sites. Uster is a village area where most of the residents are farmers and the major portion of the town is utilized for growing crops. The farms featured in the series were taken from this location.

Who’s in the cast?

  • Benito Bause as Joel Bachmann
  • Roeland Wiesnekker as Martin Halter
  • Lou Haltinner as Elodie Ducham
  • Rachel Braunschweig as Katharina Wyss
  • Julian Koechlin as Michi Wyss
  • Maria Rebecca Sautter as Mele Zehnde
  • Sophie Hutters as Sarah Wyss
  • Peter Hottinger as Lehrer
  • Jérôme Humm as Lorenz Wyss
  • Anouk Petri as Angelina Wyss
  • Judith Hofmann as Ursula Halter
  • Nicola Perot as Döme Boveri
  • Roland Bonjour as Pablo Mülle
  • Miriam Maertens as Caroline Mosse
  • Christoph Gaugler as Werner Fuchs
  • Marlise Fischer as rudi Wyss
  • Corinne Soland as Anna Boveri
  • Rumo Wehrli as Jessie Belucci
  • Paul Kaiser as Kurt Wyss
  • Leonard Kocan as Bankberater Rochat
  • Rene Schnoz as Züchter Kruso
  • Nic Aklin as Pirmin Stucki
  • Serkan Tastemur as Taxifahrer
  • Nick Dong-Sik as Fang Li
  • Martin Butzke as Jojo Berner


The first four episodes are pretty interesting and will you keep you engaged. It is about a swiss family farm owner who claims his life to leave behind his debts on the shoulders of his son. Now, Joel has to make a difficult decision regarding the rescue of his family farm before it’s too late.

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