Where was the movie Prey filmed? Cast, Plot and Filming Locations

Netflix’s movie Prey is another German thriller whose story moves around a group of five hikers who are brutally hunted by a sharpshooter. Firstly, the group ignores when hears a gunshot but their senses become activated when one of their friends wounded with the gunshot and bleeding. They find no cellphone networks in the region and there seems to be no escape in the lone woods. The film has been written and directed by Thomas Sieben and released first on Netflix in 10 September 2021. Now, let’s find out the film location.

Where was the movie Prey filmed?

Netflix’s movie Prey was filmed in Saxony, Germany especially inside Saxon Switzerland National Park. Filming for the movie started during early November 2020 and concluded on 7 December 2020. The shooting location is famous for hilly terrain and is also located near the capital of Dresden. Some scenes were reportedly filmed near the Elbe river that is another attraction for visitors. The working days of cast members were decided specifically and the cast members were coming only the days there were needed to avoid over crowding at the set as Malignant was filmed in 2020.


  • David Kross as Roman
  • Robert Finster as Peter
  • Hanno Koffler as Albert
  • Yung Ngo as Vincent
  • Klaus Steinbacher as Stefan
  • Maria Ehrich as Eva
  • Livia Matthes as Lisa

Plot Review

The movie Prey is supposed to be the part of Netflix thriller and chills but unfortunately the thriller factor seems missing. It is about 5 men who go out wild, enjoying and hiking together but their trip gone wrong when a sharpshooter starts shooting on them. When they rush towards their car to leave, another calamity happened. One of their friend got a bullet injury and started bleeding. The group of friends beg the shooter to stop firing but the request seems to be ignored.

Netflix Prey Movie plot review

Now, they have to survive in the woods alone with the deadly hunter. The film quality, music, special effects were all good and the ending was terrible and at some places the storyline is missing a way. This is the reason, this movie not gonna be receive a high rating on IMDb or other critics. You can watch the movie now, it is streaming on Netflix.

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