Buy My House Filming Locations, Netflix Cast, Synopsis

Buy My House is an American reality TV series hosted by Nina Parker and executively produced by Dan Morando, Jenny Daly, Matthew Pickel, Moira Ross, and Tom Forman.

The show follows the story of real estate owners all across the United States who wants to sell their land, properties, acquisition land to the interested buyers and Nina is helping in connecting both the parties.

Produced under Criticial Content productions, the series began airing on Sep 2, 2022 exclusively for Netflix subscribers.

Where was Buy My House filmed?

The reality TV series Buy My House was filmed in New Mexico, New York, and Washington inside the United States during March 2022. Most of all, the interior scenes took place within the Netflix owned properties along with the property investors home.

The exact shooting locations are kept private by the filmmakers but the residents can spot the places in the series like the Albuquerque Studios where Nina can be seen posing for a sexy photoshoot.

Buy My House Netflix trailer

Netflix’s owned studios is located at 5650 University Boulevard in the Southeast Albuquerque, NM. Every Which Way But Loose is another famous movie that was helmed at the same location starring the veteran actor Clint Eastwood.

Many scenes of the series were filmed inside Seattle especially the ones involving Glenn Kelman. His real estate office, that is located at 1099 Stewart Street has been also featured in the series.

Buy My House filming locations Netflix
Nina Parker on Netflix’s reality series; Image via Netflix Trailer

Finally, the all time favorite New York City was used to shoot the scenes involving Pamela Liebman. The production team travelled to the workplace of the property investor to capture her. Located at 590 Madison Avenue in New York, the place serves as an important location as Manhattan in Uncoupled.

Who’s in the Cast of Buy My House?

The series stars original homeowners and host namely:

  • Nina Parker as Host
  • Pamela Liebman as Property Investor
  • Brandon Copeland as Property Investor
  • Danisha Wrighster as Property Investor
  • Glenn Kelman as Property Investor


The homeowners pitch properties across different parts of the US for sale in front of four ace real estate investors to seal a life changing deal on the spot.

It is exciting and thrilling as the scenes are unscripted like any reality TV show and lately fans are watching more of these kind of shows on Netflix.

After How to build a sex room, this is Netflix’s another reality show focusing on one’s property but this will be more exciting in comparison to that show.


The show begins with a promising dialogue that the real estate industry worth trillion dollars within the U.S. Probably, it was to emphasize the importance of the business and anyone can become millionaire with the same if done correctly.

However, the storyline doesn’t look as interesting as they promised earlier but it promotes the idea most of the Americans aren’t able to afford their dreams and it’s reality. The situation is same in various developing countries, affordable houses are out of reach for most people.

As the show depicts true problems of common people, it is relatable. The show is excellent until it supports the capitalistic society who just bought properties on the sake of investment, that part isn’t interesting but annoying.

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