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How to Build a Sex Room is an American reality TV show produced under ITV America and High Noon Entertainment. Melanie Rose is the luxury interior designer who works with couples to develop the best space of their life.

In the Netflix’s series, she has designed the place where couples can enjoy their privacy and pursue their craziest dreams on bed. A trailer for the unscripted steamy series has been already released by the streaming giant that gives us a glimpse to the interior of sex rooms.

Where is How to Build a Sex Room filmed?

Netflix’s reality TV series How to Build a Sex Room was filmed inside Denver, Colorado during summer 2021. Melanie Rose has designed all the interiors before the beginning of principal filming in last summer. The England borne LA designer specializes in luxurious kitchens and bathrooms.

A total of 12 spaces were transformed into a marvelous sex-positive space for Denver residents, according to sources. The show’s host and the interior designer Rose has to say that some people will find the series to be dirty and disgusting.

HOW TO BUILD A SEX ROOM filming locations

But she wants her viewers to see that they can be luxurious and attractive. Another couple shared their views that it is a positive and beautiful process. Moreover, the show has become the most discussed sex show on Netflix everyone is talking about in July 2022.

How to Build a Sex Room Cast

Taylor Stonack & AyJay Lasater

Stonack has been dating AyJay since 2019. She reveals that the KitchenAid attachment helps her to get in the mood and also shares her experience about opening up communication between her and Lasater.

Shenika & Matthew

Shenika and Matthew are parents to three children with different work schedules. They share that they don’t have time for sex because of no space and in the middle of their problem, Rose is their angel who planned their wedding.

Heather & Sarah

The steamy life of Sarah and Heather was dwindled when they moved into a van. So, they hired Rose to start their new sex life.

Raj & Ryan

Raj wants to make over the bedroom which her wife sees as a bit of a metaphor for their relationship. They were planning to get around to overhauling that bedroom and stay for the longest.

Bettie and Brody

The couple wanted a room to connect in nighttime. For them, Rose designed a bathroom with a Hollywood glam feel packed with bondage elements.

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