Hallmark A Dickens of a Holiday Filming Locations | Cast & Plot Details

Directed by Paul Ziller, A Dickens of a Holiday is a 2021 romantic film by Hallmark that moves around Cassie who is planning a perfect presentation for Christmas Eve but the clouds of problem start to appear when the main actor backs out in the final moments. Will she able to rebound with the actor who was the essence of the show or hire someone else from her hometown by herself? The filming locations look similar to Dickens and sets in the same place but you will be amazed to learn about the actual filming places where the movie was filmed.

Where was A Dickens of a Holiday filmed?

A Dickens of a Holiday Hallmark movie is set in Dickens, Ohio but the actual filming took place inside Vancouver, British Columbia, according to IMDb. Polaha also shared a clip on his Instagram where he talked about crew members at the time of shooting. The shooting begin at the end of Sep 2021 and wrapped up on 22 October 2021.

Vancouver is the filming capital for most of the Christmas movies as Eight Gifts of Hanukkah, The Unforgivable, Nine Kittens of Christmas, etc. This is an ideal place to shot any Holiday film as the tax credits are flexible. While most of the scenes were filmed in Vancouver, some scenes were reportedly filmed inside Abbotsford region that is famous its mountainous regions and rich history.

A Dickens of a Holiday Cast

A Dickens of a Holiday Hallmark movie cast
  • Kristoffer Polaha as Jake
  • Brooke D’Orsay as Cassie
  • Max Archibald as Brandon
  • Camile Mitchell as Marilyn
  • Robert Leaf as Ray
  • Cheryl Swan as Nancy
  • Jovanna Burke as Allison
  • Lauren Robek as Denise
  • Nathan Lynn as Ben
  • Chad Willett as Craig
  • Greg Rogers as Mayor Givens
  • Dave Santana as Nathan
  • Laura Yenga as Millie
  • Anthony Demare as Thomas
  • Cheyenne Rouleau as Leah
  • Eric Pollins as Andy
  • Todd Matthews as Robert
  • Neetu Garcha as TV Interviewer
  • Nevin Burkholder as Hank


The synopsis reads: a producer named Cassie comes through her hometown to make the 100th anniversary of her hometown’s Victorian festival a success but one of the lead actor resigned at the final moment of presentation. So, she invites her old high school pal aka an action movie star, Jake for the role in A Christmas Carol.

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