Where was an Imperfect Murder filmed? Filming Locations & Cast

An Imperfect Murder is the story of Vera, a famous actress who shoots her boyfriend accidentally which results in claiming his life. She saw nightmares with the same confrontation repeating again and again. But now she can’t reverse her deed and she has to accept the reality. Fans liked this crime-action movie a lot and looking for the suspense filming locations where this was filmed.

An Imperfect Murder Filming Locations

An Imperfect Murder was filmed in New York, United States, and the filming was completed in a total of 9 days. You will find this movie with another famous name, ‘The Private Life of a Modern Woman’ as it was first premiered in 2017 in Venice under this name.


  • Sienna Miller as Vera Lockman
  • Alec Baldwin as Detective McCutcheon
  • Colleen Camp as Elaine Lockman
  • Nick Matthews as Sai
  • Charles Grodin as Arthur
  • Oliver ‘Power’ Grant as Ramesh
  • Carl Icahn
  • Steven Prescid as Carl
  • John Buffalo Mailer as Leon


Written and Directed by James Toback, An Imperfect Murder is the fictional story of a young woman who is a famous Hollywood actress who lives in her New York Loft Apartment. She commits a heinous crime unwillingly that is to kill her ex-boyfriend Salvatore in the apartment.

The writer has highlighted many real-life examples in the private life of a modern woman as Detective McCutcheon from NYPD who does a proper analysis of the scene to prove the actress innocent. James also asks several questions like Are you depressed? Do you ever think about committing suicide? to show the true struggle.

Actually, it was her ex-husband who was the real villain of this movie. He was confused between kissing or killing but the scene ends up with Salvatore shooting himself and she is facing consequences now.

With a 70 minutes run time, An Imperfect Murder dialogues will give you goosebumps, and the warmth of film colors will surely take your heart. With lots of thrill and drama, you will learn many moral values from this movie.

Lakshya Kaushik

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