To all a good night Hallmark Cast, Plot, Filming Locations

To All a Good Night is a 2023 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel movie directed by Andy Mikita and written by Betsy Morris, starring Kimberly Sustad and Mark Ghanime in the main roles.

The heartwarming tale of this Christmas movie takes us through Harmony Bay, where an army veteran crashes his motorcycle and hurt himself so bad that he gets hospitalized. Thanks to Ceci, who selflessly rushed to help him.

Beth Grossbard and Antonio Cupo are executive producers, James Jope is co-producer, and Stephan Harmaty is the main producer, who has produced the film under Patrick Street Pictures and Province Pictures.

To All a Good Night Hallmark Cast

The main cast of To All a Good Night includes the following:

Mark Ghanimé as Sam Calloway

Sam Calloway is an Army veteran who is visiting Harmony Bay to meet with a developer who is interested in purchasing his family’s land.

He is a kind and compassionate man who is struggling to cope with the loss of his father.

Here’s what he shared during the shooting of To All a Good Night movie in October 2023.

Ghanimé has been featured in many Hallmark movies “Divergent” (2014) and the science fiction thriller series “Orphan Black” (2013-2017)

Kimberley Sustad as Ceci

Sustad is a strong and independent woman who is also kind and caring in real life too. She shared a short clip during the filming of movie, when she was preparing for her role.

Ever since the release of North to Home, we have seen her roles in many Hallmark movies like Lights Camera Christmas, Three Wise Men and a Baby, and Game of Love.

In To All A Good Night, Sustad stars as Ceci, a local photographer who is still grieving the loss of her father. She is determined to protect her family’s land from being sold to a developer.

Luisa d’Oliveira as Penny

Penelope is a resident of Harmony Bay who is known for her love of Christmas, possibly another best friend of Ceci. She is a kind and generous woman who is always looking for ways to help others.

Karen Kruper as Vivian

Vivian is starring as an old lady in To All a Good Night Christmas movie. She is a supportive and understanding woman who helps Ceci through her difficult times.

Ayla Evans as Madison

Madison is Ceci’s younger sister in To All a Good Night film. She is a sweet and innocent girl who is still trying to make sense of the world without her father.

Trevor Leyenhorst as Ryan

Trevor is a friend of Sam’s who is also an Army veteran. He is a loyal and dependable friend who is always there for Sam.

To All A Good Night Hallmark cast featuring Kimberly Sustad, Remy Marthaller and Marc Ghanime (R to L)
Courtsey of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel

To All a Good Night is going to be his first major role as the man generally works behind the scenes and hold the camera most of the time.

This would be a great opportunity for Leyenhorst to show his hidden talent and skills.

Remy Marthaller as Lana

Remy is a little girl, who stars as Brenda in To All a Good Night movie.

She posted a cute picture of her on Instagram against her name, Lil GIRL on the filming set.

Brownen Smith as Brenda

Smith is seen as Brenda in the film. She posted a hilarious photo of her that will surely make you laugh, even makeup artist was laughing.

Craig March as Sally

Craig portrays Sally, the diner’s owner who provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

He’s known for his roles in “The Good Doctor” and “A Very Charming Christmas.”

Where was To All a Good Night filmed?

To All a Good Night was filmed in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada like most Hallmark movies this year. The seaside and forest scenes were done in Oak Bay, a coastal community on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

Principal filming began on Oct 10, 2023 and wrapped on Oct 28, 2023.

Oak Bay, Victoria

Oak Bay, a charming seaside community in Victoria, British Columbia, has become a beloved filming location for Hallmark movies. Its quaint streets, idyllic waterfront, and stunning scenery provide the perfect backdrop for heartwarming stories of love, family, and Christmas cheer.

A scenic view of Oak Bay located on Vancouver island
Courtsey of Britannica

Production team took over quaint shops and cafes along Oak Bay Avenue and transformed into charming holiday shops and cozy cafes, adding to the film’s festive atmosphere. Moreover, the Oak Bay Marina harbor served as the backdrop for several scenes

Antonio Cupo, the executive producer of the film shared a black & white picture during the final days of filming acknowledging the trend:

Challenge accepted. To all professionals in television/film world; join the challenge to post a photo of you in your job.. Just a picture no description. The goal is to flood social media with our profession.

Some of the recent Hallmark Christmas movies that were done in Canada includes Rescuing Christmas, Holiday Road, and Our Christmas Mural.

What is the plot?

The story begins on a fateful night when Army veteran Sam Calloway’s motorcycle crashes into the woods near the quaint town of Harmony Bay.

Local photographer Ceci hears the accident and selflessly rushes to his aid, staying by his side until help arrives.

Little does Ceci know, Sam works for a developer with plans to purchase her family’s beloved Willow Glen property.

Still grieving her father’s recent passing, Ceci is determined to hold onto the land and cancel the annual “Good Night” Christmas Eve event he founded to build community and charity.

To All A Good Night hallmark movie showing Kimberly Sustad standing on the right while Mark Ghanimé is wondering on the left
Courtsey of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel

As Sam recovers in the hospital, he tries to find his good Samaritan but Ceci hides her identity, fearing his true motives.

Her cover soon unravels and she confesses. As they spend more time together, an undeniable attraction sparks.

Just when Ceci reconsiders cancelling “Good Night,” she learns a shocking truth about Sam’s mission in Harmony Bay, throwing her into emotional turmoil.

But with this revelation comes the realization that her father’s selfless legacy stretched further than Ceci ever imagined.

On Christmas Eve, at the “Good Night” event, Ceci must choose whether to open her heart to Sam or continue her father’s legacy of community, charity, and new beginnings.

You can watch My Christmas Hero on GAF after finishing this movie, it’s a good movie dedicated to US veterans.

Where to watch To All a Good Night?

To All a Good Night premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Dec 7 at 9/7c as a part of network’s ‘Miracles of Christmas’ inside the United States.

The movie will also be available for free streaming on Peacock, as the network allows viewers to watch new Hallmark movie premieres on demand for up to 72 hours after airdate.

The movie will also air on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel on the following dates:

  • Dec 9 at 10/9c
  • Dec 9 at 10/9c
  • Dec 16 at 4/3c
  • Dec 20 at 8/7c
  • Dec 24 at 10a/9c
  • Dec 29 at 12a/11c

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