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Get ready to fall in love with the charming cast of Hallmark's newest Christmas movie, "To All a Good Night.

A waitress with a big heart. She's known for her roles in "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" and "The Nine Kittens of Christmas."

Kimberley stars as Ceci

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Mark plays Sam, a kind-hearted pastor who crosses paths with Ceci. He's a familiar face from "When Calls the Heart" and "Morning Show Mysteries."

Mark Ghanimé as Sam

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To All a Good Night is going to be his first major role as the man generally works behind the scenes and hold the camera most of the time. 

Trevor Leyenhorst as Ryan

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Bronwen Smith portrays Brenda, a mysterious woman with a hidden past.  Smith is known for her roles in "Chesapeake Shores" and "The Christmas Train."

Bronwen Smith as Brenda

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Craig portrays Sally, the diner's owner who provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Craig March as Sally

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Ayla Evans portrays Madison, a young woman determined to find her missing father. Her journey leads her to the diner, where she crosses paths with Ceci and Sam.

Ayla Evans as Madison

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Remy Marthaller plays Lana, a young girl who brings innocence and joy to the diner. Her presence reminds everyone of the true meaning of Christmas.

Remy Marthaller as Lana

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