The Company you keep Season 2 Release Date, Has the series been renewed?

The Company you keep Season 2 is an anticipated season of American drama series created by Julia Cohen, and produced by Michael Gray, Deanna Harris, and Nick Pavonetti under 20th Television Studios for ABC.

Based on a South Korean TV series My Fellow Citizens!, this romance crime drama series tells the story of a con-man named Charlie and undercover CIA officer Emma who is on a mission to take down a vengeful criminal who has a leverage over the family of Charlie.

With well drawn characters and gripping romantic scenes, the series delves into the world of rich & powerful while highlighting the problematic nature of extreme wealth and nepotism.

Milo Ventimiglia, Todd Harthan, Caitlin Foito, Jon M Chu, Lindsay Goffman, Phil Klemmer, Julia Cohen, and Russ Cundiff are serving as executive producers for the series.

Is the company you keep renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, The Company You Keep has not been cancelled or renewed for a second season at ABC.

The finale has just hit the ABC screens and now, fans are waiting for a renewal announcement but as of now, the network has made no official announcements.

What could be the future of this series?

Hopefully, more information will be available after the airing of last episode and then the network will be in a better state to decide the future of this show.

Has The Company You Keep been renewed
Courtsey of ABC

Till that time, we can just make blind guesses that don’t make any sense. The show seems to be in a good condition in terms of both, viewership and ratings but who knows whether the network will cancel or revive it. The future of the series is uncertain like Alaska Daily season 2.

The Company you keep season 2 release date

If the series gets a renewal confirmed in May 2023 then we can expect The Company You Keep Season 2 to be released somewhere around summer 2024. It will also have ten episodes in total like the first season.

Is there a season 2 of the company you keep?

No, there is no company you keep season 2 as the network hasn’t made any official statement regarding the renewal of the show.

Cast of The Company You Keep Season 2

If a The Company You Keep Season 2 has to be made then it will definitely have Milo Ventimiglia as Charlie and Catherine Haena Kim as Emma because they are the two main cast members.

Charlie is leading the series as a con-man coming from a family of cons who work together to run their family crime business.

However, Charlie doesn’t believe in physical violence so he targets only those who deserve some hard knocks like corrupt pastors, Russian pastors, and Festanyl Pushers.

Milo Ventimiglia as Charlie and Catherine Haena Kim as Emma in The Company You Keep season 2
Courtsey of ABC

Emma Hill, on the other hand is exact opposite of Charlie. She is a smart woman coming from a politican family. Even though, she is a smart woman with an impressive background, she prefers to work undercover and keep herself away from the spotlight. In her journey of taking down criminals, she develops feelings for Charlie.

Other cast members that are expected to return for The Company You Keep Season 2 cast are:

  • Polly Draper as Fran Nicoletti
  • William Fichtner as Leo Nicoletti
  • James Saito as Joseph Hill
  • Sarah Wayne Callies as Birdie Nicoletti
  • Freda Foh Shen as Grace Hill
  • Tim Chiou as David Hill
  • Felisha Terrell as Daphne Finch

Is there a trailer for The Company You Keep season 2?

Yes, an official trailer has been released by ABC and new episode promos are also releasing after each episode. A second season trailer hasn’t released yet.

Review So Far

In terms of reviews, the show is good. Even the harshest critics have praised the series for its standout aspect and the execution of sex scenes.

The contrast between the Nicoletti and Hill family provides an interesting thematic backdrop for the show. Moreover, the working of Nicoletti family is commendable as they only targets those who deserve it while keeping themselves away from physical violence.

We can say that this is an above average show and definitely deserves more episodes. Since the story won’t get completed with the tenth episode, are expecting to see the company you keep season 2 to continue the story.

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