Alaska Daily Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Everything We Know

The latest drama series of Hilary Swank has just concluded and that went so well that fans are looking for Alaska Daily season 2 on ABC. Let’s see what the creator has to say.

Created by American film director Tom McCarthy, the newspaper drama series on ABC draws its inspiration from the 2019 article series Lawless: Sexual Violence in Alaska lead by Kyle Hopkins in Achorage Daily News and ProPublica.

The series has been produced by David A Rosemont under 20th Television, Co-lab21, and Slow Pony Productions with ADN president Ryan Binkley as exec producers with Hilary Swank, Bert Salke, Melissa Wells, Peter Elkoff, Tom McCarthy, and Kyle Hopkins.

Will there be Alaska Daily season 2?

As of now, Alaska Daily has not been renewed for a second season by ABC but we are expecting to hear a renewal announcement as soon as May 2023.

Alaska Daily season 2 showing Hilary Swank and Grace Dove
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Deadline has released a renewal status report and that confirms the renewal of numerous ABC shows including The Rookie, Station 19, The Conners, etc. but the list hasn’t mentioned Alaska Daily.

Instead, the report has increased our tension by saying that the series has not been able to break through in a meaningful way, and the renewal is unlikely to happen. Worry not, ABC hasn’t said anything on the show.

Alaska Daily Season 2 Release Date

First season of the series was announced back July 2022 and the filming was completed within the span of six months on 5 Jan 2023 in British Columbia, Canada.

The episodes started rolling out from 6 October 2022 after the two months of starting the filming and the finale episode premiered on 30th March 2023.

Since there is no news regarding the renewal or cancellation of the drama series in April 2023, it will be hard to make any prediction of release date.

If the series receives a renewal in May 2023 then Alaska Daily season 2 is expected to be release around August 2023 only on ABC. It will have eleven new episodes like the season one.

Is there a trailer for the season 2 of Alaska Daily?

No, there is no trailer or teaser available for the Alaska Daily season 2 but a first season trailer is available that you can watch on YouTube right now.

Which characters will return for Alaska Daily season 2?

The series features an ensembling cast and most likely, all of them will return to reprise their respective roles in the potential next season like Beef season 2 on Netflix.

Hilary Swank in the main role of a former high profile investigative reporter from New York City named Eileen FItzgerald who comes to Alaska after burning bridges in her previous job.

Hilary Swank stars as Eileen Fitzgerald in Alaska Daily season 2 on ABC
Courtsey of ABC

Jeff Perry is Eileen’s former boss Stanley Kormik and managing editor of the Daily Alakskan. Grace Dove is in the role of an Alaskan native and star reporter Roz Friendly for the same media firm in which Eileen Fitzgerald is employed.

Stanley assigned her the role of Eileen’s companion in writing about the investigation of a murdered indigenous woman. Roz also had a family member who was a victim of an unsolved crime and that’s why she is emotionally attached with the case.

Meredith is starring in another lead role of Claire Muncy, a veteran news reporter who helps Roz and Eilleen in the investigation with Matt Malloy as Bob Young, a senior reporter and acting news director.

All of these actors are expected to return in Alaska Daily Season 2.

Season 1 Ending Explained

In the ending of Alaska Daily, Eileen and Roz receive an anonymous message about LRS192, which leads them to discover a missing report on solutions to the MMIW issue and the broken legal system.

Public Safety Commissioner Brenda Haynes hands over the report to Eileen, who writes an article based on the report, stating all the changes required in the legal system that could have saved Gloria’s life but were brutally ignored by the administration.

This brings an end to the investigation into the truth behind the murder of Gloria Nanmac, and Gloria’s mother expresses her gratitude to Roz and Eileen. Gloria’s mom might also return in Alaska Daily season 2.

Jeff Perry as Stanley Kornik in Alaska Daily series
Courtsey of ABC

At Tolstoy’s Beard Bar, Eileen decides to stay at The Daily Alaskan instead of taking a job at The New York Times, and the team raises a toast to the newspaper’s fight for the truth.

The next day, as the Northern Lights shine in the sky, Eileen and Stanley read the first copy of the newspaper with Roz’s article addressing Gloria Nanmac’s murder and everything that prevented the truth from coming out.

Finally, the ending provides renewed hope for The Daily Alaskan to strive for facts and find out the truth with people like Eileen and Roz, led by Stanley. Furthermore, their actions have made Alaska a safer place for indigenous women.

What will be the plot of Alaska Daily Season 2?

Eileen has decided to stay at The Daily Alaskan, indicating that she is committed to the work they do, and the team has a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

The ending scene addressed the flaws in the system while discussing the death of Gloria Nanmac. Alaska seems to be a safer place for indigenous women now because of Eileen and Roz’s daring actions.

We are expecting to see more out of Eileen as a person and her partner Roz who is now emotionally attached with her after witnessing the courageous steps she has taken to send all those guilty persons behind the bars.

What do you think will happen in Alaska Daily Season 2? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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