The Capture Season 2 Release Date, Streaming, Trailer, Synopsis

The Capture Season 2 is an upcoming British crime thriller TV series that was announced in June 2020. First season of the Peacock original series was written and directed by Ben Chanan and produced by Derek Ritchie & David Higginson under Heydey Television & NBC Universal International Studios.

Season 1 was a major hit for the BBC network that helped BBC One in growing its audience all over the world attracting almost 7.7 Million unique viewers per episode. Moreover, the show become BBC iPlayer’s most requested debut show of 2019 just after the premiere of its finale episode.

The same team has returned to reprise their roles along with some new faces such as BAFTA and Emmy Award nominated Paapa Essiedu will be seen in the role of Issac Turner. Holiday Grainger, Callum Turner, and Ben Miles will be seen in the leading roles along with the other cast members on the set.

When is The Capture Season 2 coming out?

The Capture Season 2 episode 1 is set to release on 28 August 2022 exclusively on BBC One inside the United Kingdom and on 3 November 2022 on Peacock inside the United States. It will have a total of six episodes with an average running time of 58 minutes like the previous season. New episodes will be released on Saturdays every week in the US.

The Capture season 2 release date

BBC UK has released some images for the upcoming season to satisfy the cravings of fans. Fans have been waiting since two years in 2020 when the series was renewed by BBC and finally, the time has arrived. We will be able to see the new season within this month. The series will began streaming in the last week of August for UK viewers only on BBC One.

However, some other British crime thriller series such as Alex Rider Season 3, Shades of Blue, Young Justice Season 5, Cypher Season 2, The Mentalist Season 8, and Mind Hunter Season 3 are still awaiting renewal. You can watch their previous seasons on Netflix and Amazon Prime till the next part comes out.

Who will cast in The Capture Season 2?

Most of all the main cast members are expected to reprise their roles from the previous season along with some new faces like Rob Yang, Andy Nyman, Indira Varma, Essiedu, and Charlie Murphy for The Capture Season 2 cast.

New Cast

  • Paapa Essiedu as Issac Turner MP, a young politician with high ambitions
  • Rob Yang
  • Indira Varma
  • Charlie Murphy
  • Andy Nyman

Recurring Cast

  • Holliday Grainger as DCI Rachel Carey
  • Callum Turner as Lance Corporal Shaun Emery
  • Sophia Brown as Karen
  • Ginny Holder as DS Nadia Latif
  • Paul Ritter as Marcus Levy
  • Ron Perlman as CIA Chief Frank Napier
  • Cavan Clerkin as DS Patrick Flynn
  • Ben Miles as Commander Danny Hart
  • Ralph Ineson as DCI Alec Boyd
  • Daisy Waterstone as Abigail, Rachel Carey’s half-sister
  • Famke Janssen as Jessica Mallory
  • Lia Williams as DSU Gemma Garland
  • Barry Ward as Charlie Hall
  • Tommy McDonnell as Matt, Sean Emery’s best friend
  • Alan Williams as Eddie Emery
  • Nigel Lindsay as DSI Tom Kendricks
  • Laura Haddock as Hannah Roberts


An official teaser has been released on the official Instagram handle of BBC The Capture that is showing DCI Rachel Carey in action while busting the fake news/

What will happen in The Capture Season 2?

In the ending of season 1, we saw Rachel Carey had joined the same forces with the CCTV correction team that she ever wanted to expose. What a plot twist?

Carey will dive deeper into the world of malformation and fake news. She will develop another conspiracy to prove her point and expose the hacked news feeds and manipulated media of Britain.

The Capture season 2 streaming

But things are going to take an ugly turn in the Capture Season 2. Things will not go as planned and also trust is an expensive thing in the whole series. Rachel doesn’t even trust her closest colleagues and other co-workers. She believes that anyone can be an impostor and that’s why she looks shady sometimes.

The thrilling experience is about to doubled because politicians have entered into the game and one big mistake can expose their true identity. People are sowing mistrust and conviction on the basis of CCTV has become questionable because seeing is deceiving.

What do you think will Carey do after joining the correction team?

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