The Mentalist Season 8 Episode 1, Netflix Release Date, New Cast, Trailer Announcement

The Mentalist Season 8 is not yet official but the fans are still excited to see the new season of their favorite police procedural drama series.

Created by Bruno Heller, the mystery crime thriller series stars Simon Baker as the protagonist Patrick, an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation.

Even though, he is not an officer legally but still he uses his skills from his former career as a psych to become useful for the legal authorities but the show seems to be ended with a seventh season.

Is The Mentalist on Netflix?

The Mentalist is no longer streaming on Netflix US as the streaming giant doesn’t owns the distribution rights for the show right now.

However, you can watch it on The Roku Channel, HBO Max, Prime Video, or rent or purchase it from Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, and other streaming services.

The Mentalist netflix

Even though, Netflix does have some episodes of The Mentalist available in specific regions, it is not available in all countries.

The reason is quite simple, different streaming services have exclusive distribution rights to stream specific shows in different countries.

For example, if Hulu owns the streaming content rights of a series like The Handmaid’s Tale then some other network (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, or Apple TV) will not able to stream the same show in their content library at the same time.

Why did The Mentalist get Cancelled?

The longest running procedural drama was cancelled by CBS after a seventh season due to a huge drop in viewership and ratings.

Everything was going smoothly until season 5 but the viewership started declining due to unnecessary dragging of storyline.

Why was The Mentalist season 8 cancelled

While season 5 was losing its momentum, the show makers decided to do much needed resurrection of Red John which was really cool but the repetition of same plot makes it too boring.

The resurrection didn’t bring all the awaited characters back and that was another setback for the show.

Season 7 was even shortened to 13 episodes out of 20. All the seasons of The Mentalist have a total of 20 episodes but the finale season was cut short to 13 episodes only.

Will The Mentalist ever return?

The Mentalist will not return anytime in the future because the show has been finished with seven seasons. The finale premiered in 2015, and there have been no announcements of any intentions to revive the series.

However, some fans of the show have expressed a hope that the series could be brought back in some form, either as a movie or a rebooted series.

The Mentalist Storyline

We have seen Patrick catching general murders as well as high-profile serial killers like Red John and his mules but he was not like that in the first place.

In first three seasons, the plot focuses only on the personal life of the former Psych and his involvement with CBI.

But as the story progresses, Patrick switches from solving general cases to more sophisticated cases like Red John who murdered his wife Angela Ruskin and daughter Charlotte.

To avenge their death, Patrick decides to involve his blood in blood out but eventually the case is taken away by FBI in the middle of sixth season.

The seventh season concludes with the happy marriage of Lisbon and Jane along with the former announcing her pregnancy that amused and delight Jane.

What will happen in The Mentalist Season 8?

The Mentalist Season 8 will continue the story right after the birth of Jane and Lisbon’s child.

It will show the poor parenting of Jane as caring a small child is pretty harder than solving any high profile CBI case based in Sacramento, California.

The Mentalist season 8 release date

The child will grow up to follow the footsteps of his father and become an undercover agent to serve the country.

Various criminal minds and murderers are openly moving in the streets of California after Patrick’s retirement but his son or daughter is ready to take his role now.

More exciting stuff is yet to come if a season 8 becomes official but sadly no new season is announced.

The Mentalist Season 8 Cast & Characters

  • Simon Baker as Patrick Jane
  • Robin Tunney as Teresa Lisbon
  • Karl Sonneberg as CBI Carl
  • Tim Kang as Kimball Cho
  • Cris D’Annunzio as Fire Marshall Paulson
  • Owain Yeoman as Wayne Rigsby
  • Michael Christ as Deputy Attorney General
  • Christine Adams as Lena Abbott
  • Amanda Righetti as Grace Van Pelt
  • Tangie Ambrose as Samantha Barsocky
  • Rocky McMurrary as Highway Patrolman

Will there be The Mentalist Season 8?

The Mentalist Season 8 has been cancelled by the original network CBS.

Season 1 of Mentalist started premiering in September 2008, season 2 in Sep 2009, season 3 in Sep 2010, season 4 in Sep 2011, season 5 in Sep 2012, season 6 in Sep 2013, and the finale season 7 premiered in 2014.

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