Takt Op Destiny Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, What to expect?

Welcome to the world of ‘Takt op Destiny season 2,’ a mixed-media project turned anime produced by MAPPA and Madhouse.

The show follows the story of Takt Asahina, a piano prodigy turned Conductor, and his Musicart, Destiny, as they embark on a dangerous journey to the Symphonica Headquarters in New York City.

If you’re a fan of the cross-media project {tákt: op.}, you may be wondering if there will be a season 2 of Takt Op Destiny anime series.

Well, we’ve got some news for you! Even though, the future of the series is uncertain, but there’s reason to be hopeful.

Is Takt op Destiny Season 2 in the works?

The show has not been renewed for a second season by MAPPA/Madhouse but fans are hopeful to see another season of the series as it has received a lot praise from anime community and critics.

First season premiered in October 2021 and wrapped up in December 2021, leaving fans curious about what’s next but there is no information that the series is in the works.

Is Takt Op Destiny Season 2 happening?

As we said earlier, the musical anime series has not been renewed or cancelled in 2023.

Takt Op Destiny season 2
Destiny defeated Orpheus in Takt Op Destiny episode 12

Neither MAPPA nor Madhouse has posted any updates regarding the arrival of Takt OP Destiny season 2 after the premiere of season 1 finale in 2021.

Takt Op Destiny was a major hit

Takt Op. Destiny has been one of the sleeper hits of fall 2021 that become popular after Destiny comes into play. Moreover, the anime community enjoyed the characters and make it one of the most loved anime of 2021.

Fans shared their emotions after watching the 12th episode of the anime and mentioned that they are looking forward to see Takt Op Destiny season 2 but what is stopping the renewal is the busy schedule of MAPPA and Madhouse as their popular animes are already aligned to release in 2023.

When is Takt Op Destiny season 2 coming out?

Even if the anime got a renewal in July 2023, it should be on the back seat as a co-production and might arrive in 2024 or later. MAPPA couldn’t compromise Attack on Titan Season 4 part 2 as the audience is quite large compared to Takt Op which has a separate fanbase.

takt op destiny episode 13 release date

The best thing we can expect to release early is when the animation is assigned to another studio just like ep 2 was outsourced to Studio VOLN.

If the anime production is takeover by the VOLN studio then we can expect the anime to arrive in 2024. More information regarding the release of Takt Op Destiny Season 2 will be available after the arrival of mobile game.

Has Takt Op Destiny been cancelled?

Some fans on Reddit are claiming that there might be no second season of Takt Op as it was an original anime series with no source manga.

Is Takt OP anime cancelled

The game was adapted into an anime series for the purpose of game promotion and we will see a game soon but not a second season on earth. That game might continue the after story.

However, some Japanese viewers are countering the cancellations by saying that there have been plenty of anime series that ended up getting two, three, and even four seasons.

In most cases, the anime was more profitable than the game itself. So, the game thing won’t be a problem.

What will happen in Takt Op Destiny Season 2?

Season 1 finale begins with Destiny fighting Orpheus while Takt goes to confront Sagan.

The flashback scenes showed Sagan where he made sacrifices in the past, he was broke and helpless.

Now, he is showing Takt that he is saving the world by sealing off all the D2s but also destroying continent.

Takt learns that Destiny has defeated Orpheus and the musicart later joined him to give Sagan the final blow.

Destiny and Takt were exhausted after defeating the D2s, Takt was muttering the melody he made in his mind for Destiny.

takt op destiny season 2 spoilers

Finally, Destiny shared one last kiss to Takt before sacrificing herself into a pendant.

Anna joined the Symphonica and wears the Destiny pendant that that gives her ability to transform into a musicart and helps Takt in composing music fulfilling her younger sister Cossette’s and Destiny wish.

Episode 13 will pickup the story after Anna joined the Symphonica and show Takt’s recovery. This will also mark the beginning of a romance between Anna and Takt.

However, it will not be easy for both of them as they have lost many persons in the battle but their sacrifices will not be wasted and always remembered.

Also, we get to see a glance what happened to Titan and Valkyrie after they left the place surrounded with D2s.

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