Spy X Family Episode 10 Countdown, Release Date and Time, Spoilers, Preview

Spy X Family Episode 10 is set to premiere on 11 June 2022 at its scheduled time. The crime suspense thriller anime series is directed and written by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and produced by Wit Studio + Cloverworks(My Dress-Up Darling) that follows a family with fake identities, out of which man is a secret spy, wife is an assassin, and the little girl is an adopted orphan which the couple claims as their real child.

However, the main focus is the master spy Twilight who disguise himself as psychiatrist Loid Forger an build the whole family of spy to investigate the political leader Donovan Desmond. As the story progresses, the relationship of mock family become stronger and eventually turns into an actual family that is hard to separate.

Spy X Family Episode 10 Release Date and Time

Spy X Family Episode 10 titled “The Great Dodgeball Plan“ is set to premiere on 11 June 2022 at 11:30 AM EDT on Crunchyroll inside the United States and at 11:30 PM on TV Tokyo inside Japan.

The release time of Spy X Family Episode 10 will vary for different regions:

  • Pacific Time: 06:30 AM PT(11 June)
  • Central Time: 10:30 AM CT(11 June)
  • Eastern Time: 11:30 AM ET(11 June)
  • British Time(UK viewers): 03:30 PM AM GMT(11 June)
  • Indian Time: 09:00 PM IST(11 June)
  • Australian Time: 01:30 AM AEDT(12 June)
  • New Zealand Time: 03:30 PM NZDT(12 June)

How many episodes does Spy X Family have?

Spy X Family season 1 will have a total of 25 episodes. Out of which 12 episodes will be aired till June 2022 as the first cour while the remaining 13 episodes will be released in late 2022 as second cour.

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Where to watch Spy X Family anime?

Spy X Family anime television series is licensed by Crunchyroll inside foreign countries like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada while Muse Communication owned the streaming rights inside South East Asian countries. Japanese viewers can watch the series on OTT platforms like Netflix JP, Amazon Prime, and can also stream the new episodes live on TXN, RCC, TV Shizuoka, and BS TV Tokyo at different timings.

Episode 9 Recap

Spy X Family Episode 9 begins with the kissing scene of Loid and Yor. The couple agreed to kiss each other just to prove that their marriage is real and they are not faking it. However, a furious Yuri rushed towards her drunk sister to stop her from kissing Loid. He become annoyed on seeing her sister kissing another man in front of him but he received a tight slap from her sister that left him bleeding.

Spy X Family episode 9 recap explained

The next day, Loid installs a secret listening device on Yor’s collar to listen her heart out. He discovers that the woman isn’t having any connection with the secret police and is truthful. Moreover, she is trying to be a perfect wife but feeling down for failure as a good partner. Loid comforts her by saying that she doesn’t need to fret about appearing as an ideal wife because he is comfortable with herself now.

Spy X Family Episode 10 Spoilers

Spy X Family Episode 10 will show Anya dealing with dodgeball at her school competition. Anya has to pay attention to her lessons as it will decide her success at the Eden Academy. She has just recovered from Damien Desmond’s bad side and this dodgeball game will give Damien another chance to tease her. So, Anya has to be extra careful if she really wants to save the mission of her father.

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