Is the new Fatal Attraction on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?

Fatal Attraction 2023 is the remake of much appreciated 1987 American psychological film based on a 1980 British film directed and written by James Dearden.

The new version of the series has been recently started airing from 30 April 2023 inside the United States and viewers are completely hooked with the stunning scenes and erotic acting of Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson.

Can You Watch or stream Fatal Attraction (2023) on Netflix?

No, you cannot watch or stream the new Fatal Attraction on Netflix because the distribution rights are reserved for Paramount and that’s why, the series is exclusively streaming for Paramount+ subscribers inside the United States.

Is new Fatal Attraction series on Netflix
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However, you can watch other similar shows like Fractured, Black Knight, Mindhunter, Dark, Behind Her Eyes, Hannibal, Dark, The Stranger, Ratched, Alias Grace, Orphan Black, The Haunting of Hill House, Sense8, Tabula Rasa, Coming Home in the Dark, etc.

Is the new Fatal Attraction on Amazon Prime?

Nope, Amazon Prime Video subscribers will not be able to stream the modern-day TV series. The series is neither included in the regular Prime Video subscription nor it is available to rent or purchase from the VOD section.

It might be available on-demand but for now, you cannot access even a single episode through Amazon. Till that time, you can entertain yourselves by watching Homecoming, Penny Dreadful, Mr Robot, Dexter, Black Mirror, Sharp Objects, Killing Eye, Terror, etc. on Prime Video.

Does Hulu have the Fatal Attraction series 2023?

Not now. When it comes to horror shows, Hulu has so many options to choose from but sadly, the new series is not included in the huge content library of Hulu.

You can watch other similar psychological thriller shows instead like The Handmaid’s Tale, Fear of Rain, Don’t Breathe 3, The Patient, Watcher, The Immaculate Room, Every Breath You Take,

Where to watch Fatal Attraction 2023?

If you want to watch all episodes of Fatal Attraction series, then you need to take a Paramount plus subscription that is starting at $5 per month (with ads) and $10 per month (without ads). It one of the most affordable streaming service and cheaper compared to streaming giants.

Is new Fatal attraction worth watching?

Of course, you should watch this series if you like steamy and hot shows that creates sexual tension. You will have a naughty feeling while watching the series and that’s the USP of this show.

The showrunners, Alexandra Cunnigham and Kevin J Hynes have added psychological hooks and seductive scenes to keep the viewers entertained.

Cunnigham and Hynes have not only developed but also executive produced the series with Silver Tree, Justin Falvey, and Darryl Frank for Nutmegger, Amblin Television, and Paramount Television Studios.

With Lizzy Caplan, Joshua Jackson, Toby Huss, Amanda Peet, Brian Goodman, Alyssa Jirrels, and Reno Wilson in the main roles, the series is currently on the top of Paramount+ streaming charts attracting millions of viewers.

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