Behind Her Eyes Cast Details, Who is Louise, David, Adele?

Behind Her Eyes is a new British psychological horror drama series that moves around Louise who falls in love with her boss David, and at the same time becomes the best friend of David’s wife Adele. One day, she finds herself being caught between the two and what happened after that will be worth watching. Its story is based on the novel of the same name written by Sarah Pinborough. Let’s meet Behind Her Eyes cast now and know each character.

Tom Bateman as David Ferguson

Tom is in the role of David who is actually the main character of Behind Her Eyes series. He is a psychiatrist who recently shifted to Central London to do his new job. His character is controlling and wants to keep everything under control.

Behind Her eyes cast members
Behind Her Eyes Cast: Eve Hewson as Adele Ferguson, Tom Bateman as David, Simona Brown as Louise (From Left to Right)

Eve Hewson as Adele Ferguson

Eve is playing the role of David’s wife, Adele who is an orphan. Her parents died in a house fire tragedy but David saved her life from the dangerous situation. She makes a new friend named Louise in the new city.

Simona Brown as Louise

Louise is the single mother who is living with her son Adam. She is Dave’s secretary and has nightmares every night. People are searching for her as Simona Brown Instagram but she is not having an official Instagram account.

Tyler Howitt as Adam

Adam is in the role of Louise’s son. He lives with her single mother and spends his weekends with father.

Nichola Burley as Sophie

Nichola is casting as the close friend of Sophie with whom she shares her inner thoughts. She is popular for her role in Downtown Abbey.

Robert Aramayo as Rob

Rob is an old friend of Adele with whom he met during a therapy session for nightmares. You will find the scene in flashbacks.

George Glen as Sue

Sue is the only colleague of Louise who works with her in Behind Her Eyes series.

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