Where was Behind Her Eyes Filmed? Filming Locations & Ending Explained

Behind Her Eyes is a psychological thriller series of Netflix whose story moves around Louise, a single mother who starts an affair with her boss and eventually becomes the best friend of his wife. The best part about this thriller is that every ending scene makes sense rather than any other horror series that ends on a cliffhanger and force the viewer to jump on a ridiculous conclusion. Here’s all you need to know about Behind Her Eyes filming locations and plot.

Where was Behind Her Eyes filmed?

Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes was filmed in various locations at London, Scotland, and Brighton inside the United Kingdom. However, the most of the shooting takes place in and around Islington part of North London. Other locations included in the series are Hampstead Heath and Camden Market.

Behind Her Eyes ending and filming locations

Probably, you have heard about ‘Fairdale Estate’ in the series. That is not a real place and doesn’t exist in real life. The exact location is not revealed by the filming productions.


A single mom enters a world of twisted thoughts video games when she begins an affair together with her psychiatrist boss whereas secretly befriending his mysterious spouse.” It follows the lifetime of single mom Louise (Simona Brown) and the person and spouse David (Tom Bateman) and Adele (Eve Hewson). The plot of the Steve Lightfoot collection showcases an exhilarating and twisted story with a stunning ending.

Behind Her Eyes Ending Explained

In the ending, Louise(Simona Brown) marries David(Tom Bateman) who thinks that his previous wife, Adele was died from an overdose but actually Rob killed her. Now, both are planning their honeymoon but Louise’s younger son Adam noticed something wrong with her mom because she doesn’t like boats. Probably, Rob’s soul is now inside Louise’s body.

Behind Her Eyes ending is eerily just like these in Jordan Peele’s Us. By this level, David and Louise Who Is Actually Rob, are married within the automobile, and discussing honeymoon locations whereas Adam sits within the backseat. This beforehand very completely satisfied little one appears to be like nervous, unhappy, and uncared for, the other of what he was like when his mother truly was alive, with full management of her schools.

When Louise/Rob suggests they take a Caribbean cruise, Adam factors out that she doesn’t like boats. “Maybe I’ve modified,” she says, and appears on the boy slightly too lengthy and holds her smile in a fashion that’s not fairly proper. The expression on Adam’s face implies he sees the sinister in her, even when nobody else does.

To know about what will going to happen in the end, watch the show now. It is currently available to watch on Netflix.

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