The Immaculate Room Where to Watch online? Is it streaming on Netflix or Prime Video?

The Immaculate Room(aka Tertemiz Oda) is a 2022 psychological thriller film directed and written by Hollywood director, writer, and producer Mukunda Michael Dewil. The movie won the best feature film award in 2022 at London Film Awards and received mixed to negative reviews.

It stars Emile Hirsch and Kate Bosworth in the lead roles of Michael and Katherine, a couple in their 30s who have been selected to participate in a bizarre challenge in which they have to stay in a quiet room for 50 days and if they succeed, they will won 5 Million dollars.

The film is produced by Daniel Baur, Joel David Moore, and Doug Murray under Balcony 9 Productions, K5 Film, Productivity Media, Radiant Film International, and Joker Films Productions whereas the distribution rights are owned by Screen Media Films.

Is The Immaculate Room on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the psychological thriller film is not yet included in the streaming content library of Netflix and also isn’t expected to arrive on the network in the future. The film was released at the 4th Mammoth Film Festival on 3 Feb 2022 throughout the world but it hasn’t yet released on Netflix.

The Immaculate Room Netflix

Even though, the movie is not available for streaming on Netflix, there are several other similar films that features jealous girlfriend and seductive woman with bare breasts as A Perfect Ending, After Ever Happy, Cable Girls, Riverdale Season 7, Sex/Life, The Girl Next Door, Newness, The Woman King, Ginny and Georgia, etc.

Does Amazon have The Immaculate Room movie?

No, the movie is not streaming on on Amazon Prime Video right now and even viewers who are having a valid subscription to the platform will not be able to stream the film for free.

The Immaculate room on Amazon Prime

But worry not, even if the movie is not available to stream on Prime Video because the movie is included in the VOD section where you can rent or purchase it. The film is available to purchase at an additional price of $12.99 or rent for $6.99 on Amazon.

Alternatively, if you are having a premium subscription then you can watch 3000 Years of Longing, Orphan First Kill, Mother!, The Silence of the Lambs, Mahinisit, Somebody I Used to Know, The, Hereditary, We Need to Talk about Kevin, Donnie Darko, The Talented Mr. Ripley, A Beautiful Mind, The Stranger, etc.

Where can I watch The Immaculate Room?

The Immaculate Room movie is available to rent or purchase via Apple TV, VUDU, Google Play, Amazon, YouTube Movies, Redbox, DirecTV, and Microsoft Store.

Since the movie isn’t streaming on any OTT platform, you need to purchase it from the given platforms and the cheapest option to purchase the movie is from Spectrum on Demand.

The Immaculate Room where to watch
Image Credit: Screen Media

When other networks are allowing to rent the movie for $6.99, Spectrum is offering the full movie for the same price as one time purchase. However, Spectrum and Redbox aren’t offering 4K quality so that’s why there is a difference in price.

If you want to stream the movie in 4K quality then you need to rent or purchase the movie via Apple TV, Microsoft Store, YouTube, Google Play, and Amazon.


The story follows the horrendous ride of a young couple who is trapped in a blank room for 50 days in an attempt to grab the prize money worth $5 Million.

They have no internet access, no family and any other mode of communication that can connect them to outside world.

Will they able to survive in the place where new demons are emerging every minute? To know the story, you need to watch the Immaculate Room movie.

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