Redo of Healer Episode 13 Release Date Countdown, When will it premiere? Watch Anime Online, English Sub, Uncensored

Redo of Healer Episode 13 will return some Wednesday on its respected time but for now season 1 has concluded on a cliffhanger. The adult-fantasy anime has gained a huge fanbase after streaming few episodes due to its powerful and beautiful characters that fight less and do more work. Moreover, the themes of sexual violence, slavery, and sadomasochism make it different from other anime series. The story is based on short novel series that moves around Keyaru who is also known as Hero of Recovery. He was tormented and raped in the past by his friends and now it’s his time to avenge all of them one by one. On his journey, he met many hot girls like Setsuna and Anna.

Redo of Healer Episode 13 Release Date & Time

Redo of Healer Episode 13 will be released in November 2021 on HIDIVE or VRV inside the United States and on Tokyo MX in Japan. This will be the first episode of the upcoming Redo of Healer season 2 that will also having a total of 12 episodes with an average length of 30 minutes.

Redo of Healer episode 13 uncensored release date and time

What to expect from Redo of Healer Ep 13?

The last episode of season 1 ended with Bullet and Keyaru in which King of Jioral commanding Bullet to takedown Keyarga. However, healer swears to take revenge from Bullet too and accepts his deadly challenge without even knowing him, This battle is gonna be amazing like we saw with Hawkeye in the final episode 12 and probably this new season starts with their battle or any other story that we can’t even imagine. Anything can happen because Keyara is having girls company and he also started caring all of them, not just for his desires but emotionally too.

On the other hand, Eve is studying to master Caladrius and in the meantime Keyarga is travelling. Also , she hasn’t submitted her body to Keyaru. There is a lot of chapters that needs to be animated so there will be definitely a new season for Redo of Healer.

What do you think will happen in Redo of Healer episode 13? Although, there will be a second season whom we are referring as Redo of healer ep 13. Tell us your opinions in the comments.

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