Where was Lonely Crime Fanatic filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

Do you like true crime podcasts? Have you ever dreamed of meeting your favorite host? In Lifetime’s new movie Lonely Crime Fanatic, a superfan gets a chance encounter that turns chilling.

Directed by Kaila York, the movie follows a lonely woman who loves listening to true crime podcasts. When she meets the host of her favorite show, they become friends.

But the host starts acting strange and gets too interested in the woman’s life. Soon, his podcast episodes are about hurting her!

The woman has to figure out if the host is just pretending to be her friend or if he really wants to harm her.

As the lines between admiration and obsession blur, the film paints a suspenseful picture, leaving viewers wondering, where was this all filmed? Here’s the answer.

Lonely Crime Fanatic Filming Locations

The Lifetime thriller movie Lonely Crime Fanatic was entirely filmed in and around Los Angeles, California. The filming might happened at the end of 2022, based on the little information available about the production dates.

Let’s look closer at where exactly they filmed Lonely Crime Fanatic movie in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, California, United States

The movie crew used many different locations around Los Angeles to film scenes.

Lonely Crime Fanatic lifetime movie filming in Los Angeles
Courtsey of Lifetime

The city provided the perfect setting to bring the movie’s suspenseful story to life. Filming in LA’s distinctive neighborhoods and familiar areas helped create an unsettling and intriguing mood for the thriller.

Los Angeles also offered plenty of resources and talent for the production. There were purpose-built sets, experienced film crews, and the huge entertainment industry there. The city’s energetic, creative spirit was an ideal environment for the filmmakers.

Beyond its cinematic appeal, Los Angeles holds a special place for filmmakers and audiences. It’s a symbol of making your dreams come true. The city’s diverse people and storied history inspire many stories filmed against the backdrop of LA’s bustling streets.

From glamorous Hollywood to gritty urban areas, LA offers countless settings that have been used for endless films and shows, including many other Lifetime thriller movies like Tall Dark and Dangerous, Surviving The Sleepover, Single Black Female 2, and Silent Night Fatal Night.

Behind The Scenes

The actor David Hurt shared on social media that the filming experience was really fun. He wrote the following in the caption:

“I had a great time working on this movie, thanks especially to Kaila York and Jacob Horn for being so helpful during filming.”

Alexandria Ponce shared a short bts clip on her Instagram to show us all those amazing outfits, that she tried during the shooting. She wrote in the caption:

I had so much fun on this project 🤩 Gems in every department that I’m grateful to have met + work with I truly appreciate all yall. What a great way to start 2024 🎬 #lmn has a free 7 day trial if you’d like to check it out 🤗

While we don’t have all the details, these behind the scenes give us a sense of the teamwork, creativity, and fun that went into making.

Lonely Crime Fanatic Trailer

No official trailer is available but the full movie is now available for streaming on Lifetime.

Lonely Crime Fanatic Cast

  • Brenna Skalski as Ashley
  • David Hurt as Paul
  • Alexandra Ponce as Lily
  • Diana Martin as Super Fan
  • Naomi Prentice as Young Woman
  • Doug Jeffrey as Detective Wyler
  • Jacob Horn as Podcast Host
  • Ian Reier Michaels as David
  • Alexandria Pillow as Police Officer

Where to watch Lonely Crime Fanatic?

You can watch Lonely Crime Fanatic on the Lifetime channel or through their website and app. It’s also available to rent or purchase on Apple TV inside the United States.

For other options, it’s best to check with your cable or satellite provider or search online streaming services to see if they offer the movie.

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