Where was Surviving the Sleepover filmed? See Hallmark Cast

The 2024 Lifetime movie “Surviving the Sleepover” takes viewers on a thrilling journey through the suburban landscapes of Los Angeles, where the line between teenage camaraderie and danger blurs.

Directed by Patricia Frontain from the screenplay of Richard Pierce, this movie follows the story of an outspoken teenager Hannah, who plans to sleep at a popular girl’s house, without noticing her sinister intentions.

The film is produced by Goodflix and Johnson Production Group, and was released on 23 March 2024 under the distribution of Lifetime Movie Network (LMN). Let’s look at the places where this movie was filmed.

Surviving the Sleepover Filming Locations

The Lifetime movie ‘Surviving the Sleepover’ was filmed in Los Angeles, California inside the United States. Principal shooting for the movie began in October 2023 and wrapped within the same month, as per local media reports.

Surviving the sleepover movie filming in Los Angels featuring Sloan Mannino as Hannah on the set
Courtsey of Lifetime

Los Angeles, California

As the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles provided the perfect backdrop for the shooting of Surviving the Sleepover movie.

This sprawling metropolitan area in Southern California has served as the location for countless movies and TV shows over the decades. Some of the recent productions include Single Black Female 2, Hunting Housewives, Lonely Crime Fanatic, etc.

With its diverse neighborhoods and iconic landmarks like the Hollywood sign, beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean, and versatile filming locations, Los Angeles offers an unparalleled setting for all genres.

From glamorous Hollywood Hills mansions to gritty urban streetscapes, LA’s environments can convey nearly any setting or atmosphere a production desires.

Cathedral High School

The school scenes featuring the teenage characters were shot on location at Cathedral High School’s campus in the Los Angeles area.

Opened in 1925, this private Catholic preparatory school’s distinctive bell tower, and arched windows provided a perfect backdrop to the academic lives of characters before the night of the sleepover party.

Surviving the sleepover cast around Cathedral High School in Los Angeles
Courtsey of Lifetime

This historic school has hosted other film productions as well, including scenes for acclaimed TV shows like “The Mandalorian” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Cathedral High School address: 1253 Bishops Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States.

Luxurious Apartment Location

The heart of the movie revolves around a luxurious Los Angeles property. This sprawling, multi-level house features a swimming pool and is surrounded by the dry, characteristic landscape of Southern California.

This is the place where normal sleepover takes a dark turn, and transform into a fight for survival for Hannah. The surrounding arid landscapes of Southern California further add to the movie’s atmosphere, creating a sense of isolation and danger.

Behind The Scenes

While Los Angeles provided the overall setting, the movie wouldn’t be complete without the talented crew behind the scenes.

Lead actress Sloan Mannino shared a teaser pic hinting at the movie’s dark turn and expressed her gratitude to the director, Patricia Frontain, for believing in her and the casting team for assembling the perfect cast.

Another cast member Villanueva shared some HD pictures of her character in the film. We don’t get much behind-the-scenes scoop from her post, but it looks like she’s slaying her role!

Actress Dawn Marie thanked the director, cinematographer, and the entire crew (especially for making those late-night shoots bearable).

Dawn also gave shoutouts to the makeup artist for making her look fabulous and to her fellow castmates for a fun filming experience.

Overall, the cast had a great time filming, despite the late night shooting.

Cast of Surviving The Sleepover

  • Jenna Hogan as Melissa
  • Sage Moore as Abbie
  • Dawn Marie as Jessica
  • Jennings Rice as Tracy
  • Abigail Villanueva as Charlotte
  • Sloan Mannino as Hannah
  • Joshua Bertell as Cameron

Where to watch Surviving The Sleepover?

You can stream “Surviving the Sleepover” on Lifetime using platforms like Philo (free trial), DirecTV Stream (free trial), and Sling (half off your first month).

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