Where was Single Black Female 2 filmed? See Lifetime Cast

The highly anticipated Lifetime thriller ‘Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge’ picks up the story of Monica three years after the events of the first movie.

This time, she’s living in Seattle and doing well in her career and personal life. However, she’s still haunted by the trauma of her encounter with her half-sister, Simone.

The film takes viewers across urban environments like television studios and modern homes in Seattle and Texas. But did the actual filming happen in these locations? Let’s find out.

Single Black Female 2 Filming Locations

While the story unfolds in Seattle and Texas, the filming primarily took place in Atlanta, Georgia, with some establishing shots captured in Seattle, Washington.

Single Black Female 2 filming in Atlanta
Courtsey of Lifetime Channel

Principal photography for the movie began in early June 2023 and wrapped up by June 30, just before the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike. The cast and crew worked efficiently to complete filming within this tight schedule, often working late nights.

Atlanta, Georgia

The movie was primarily shot in and around Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia. Swirl Films, the production company behind the movie, is based in Atlanta at 4370 Peachtree Road NorthEast.

Single Black Female 2: Simon's Revenge filming around Swirl Films Studio in Atlanta

Atlanta has become a major filming destination due to its attractive tax incentives, affordable production costs, great infrastructure and diverse locations.

The lower cost of living and production expenses in Atlanta compared to Los Angeles or New York makes it appealing for filmmakers. They can save on crew wages, equipment rentals and accommodations.

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If you’re planning to visit Atlanta, make sure to check out these places:

  • Georgia Aquarium: Dive into the underwater world at the largest aquarium in the United States, housing over 100,000 marine animals.
  • World of Coca-Cola: Explore the fascinating history and production process of the iconic Coca-Cola beverage.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park: Learn about the life and legacy of the civil rights icon.
  • Centennial Olympic Park: Immerse yourself in the city’s Olympic legacy at this expansive park featuring gardens, fountains, and the iconic Ferris wheel.

Seattle, Washington

While the movie is set in Seattle, only a few establishing shots were actually filmed in this Pacific Northwest city.

Single Black Female 2 filming at Space Needle observation tower in Seattle, Washington

These shots feature Seattle’s iconic skyline and landmarks like the famous Space Needle observation tower at 400 Broad Street.

Seattle is a picturesque urban location nestled along Elliott Bay. With its dynamic cityscape, it provides the perfect backdrop for the tense events that happened in ‘Single Black Female 2’.

Behind The Scenes

Kendrick Ross shared a bts video on his Instagram on the last day of filming.

He wrote a long caption to show his gratitude towards the Atlanta crew and other cast members, involved in the process of filmmaking.

Despite the time crunch, the team’s spirits remained high throughout production in Atlanta, capturing the intense thriller across the city’s diverse urban locations.

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Single Black Female 2 Cast

The main cast of Single Black Female 2 includes:

Raven Goodwin as Monica: We see Monica thriving in her career as a successful TV host in Seattle. But the trauma from her encounter with Simone lingers, causing nightmares and anxieties.

Amber Riley as Simone: The obsessive and dangerous Simone is back! However, this time, she’s suffering from memory loss after surviving the events of the first movie. Living a new life under the radar, her memories resurface when she sees Monica on TV, fueling her desire for revenge.

K. Michelle as Bebe: Monica’s best friend, Bebe, returns as her loyal confidante and support system. She offers a shoulder to lean on as Monica grapples with the return of Simone.

While the core cast remains the same, “Single Black Female 2” has introduced new characters to add fresh layers to the story. Here’s the list of other cast members:

  • Christine Horn
  • Kendrick Cross
  • Morgan Alexandria

What is the plot?

Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge follows Monica, who has moved to Seattle for a fresh start after the events of the first movie. While seemingly successful, she’s haunted by memories of her obsessive half-sister, Simone.

Meanwhile, Simone, suffering from amnesia, is building a new life as a nun in Texas. However, seeing Monica on TV triggers her memories, leading to a chilling return to Seattle.

Where to watch Single Black Female 2?

Since “Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge” is a Lifetime movie, you can watch it on the Lifetime channel itself. However, if you don’t have cable or a subscription to Lifetime, there are a few other options:

  • Lifetime Movie Club App: The movie is available to stream on the Lifetime Movie Club app after it airs on the channel.
  • Philo and DirecTV: These live TV streaming services offer Lifetime in their channel lineup.

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