Life with an Ordinary Guy Anime Episode 11 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers, Watch Online, English Dub

Life with an Ordinary Guy Episode 11 is set to release this Wednesday at its scheduled time. The episode will continue the story after rebellion army attacked Ishruna. Since Schwartz has destroyed their weapons and clothes with a single blow, the battle will calm down a little but Jinguuji is weakening without Hinata. Will he able to rebound?

Life with an Ordinary Guy Episode 11 Release Date and Time

Episode 11 titled ‘A Guy Who Reincarnated as a Fantasy Knockout and the Decisive Weapon‘ is set to release on 22 March 2022 at 12:30 PM ET on Crunchyroll inside the United States and at 24:00 JST on TV Tokyo. There will be a total of 12 episodes in this season with an average runtime of 24 minutes.

The release time for Life with an Ordinary Guy Episode 11 on Crunchyroll will vary depending on different regions:

  • Pacific Time: 09:30 AM PT(22 March)
  • Central Time: 11:30 AM CT(22 March)
  • British Time: 05:30 PM GMT(22 March)
  • Russian Time: 08:30 PM MSK(22 March)
  • Indian Time: 11:00 PM IST(22 March)
  • Australian Time: 04:30 AM AEDT(23 March)
  • New Zealand Time: 06:30 AM NZDT(23 March)

Where to watch Life with an Ordinary Guy episode 11?

New Episodes of Life With an Ordinary Guy anime are airing on Tuesdays every week on Crunchyroll which holds the streaming rights of the series to premiere outside Japan. Medialink licensed the series in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania minus Australia and New Zealand so viewers residing in SEA and SA can watch the series on the given streaming platform. English subbed versions are available in original Japanese audio.

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About Life With an Ordinary Guy

The story follows a messed up man, Hinata and his handsome best friend, Jinguuji who are summoned to another world by a beautiful naked goddess. The original manga volumes are written by Yu Tsurusaki and illustrated by Shin Ikezawa while the music for the anime is given by Takeshi Watanabe.

Episode 10 Recap

In episode 10 of With a Fogie Reincarnated as a Pretty Fantasy Girl, we saw Ugraine’s maid joined the rebellion and seized the charming hairs of Hinata so that they can use her charm to invite more men in their clan. Hinata tries her best to free Muria and escape soon but fails miserably. Moreover, she teases herself that she is nothing without Jinguuji and revise the time when his best friend saved him in the school from real bullies. Then, the maid gives Hinata a massage but also fills her tattoo with dark energy and negative thoughts for Jinguuji.

On the other side, Lucrius beats Schwartz for his idiocy but he ends up impressing her by saying that he wants to defend the citizens. The revolutionary army attacks Ishruna but Schwartz handles the situation one sided and blow all the enemies causing them to reconsider their actions. However, Jinguuji feels weak and remembers Hinata Tachibana. The episode ends as the area experiences tremors.


Most likely, Hinata has arrived with the maid to take the throne of King. This time she will not spare even Jinguuji as the maid has planted negative feelings in her. What will happen with our handsome man? He might regain his power after seeing Tachibana after a long time but the question is, will Tachibana been able to remove those negative feelings?

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