KSI in Real Life Documentary Where to Watch?

Prime Video has released another blockbuster documentary KSI In Real Life for its active subsribers. Now, you don’t need to pay extra money (if you are a Prime customer) to watch the true life of YouTube sensation and a young boxer, professionally known as KSI.

The British documentary film shows how the man became what he is today. How the journey started and what were the hardships that our hero faced during early stages? Some reports reveal that there was a time when he just needed a person to listen to him and hug him.

This film is going to be an emotional rollercoaster for KSI fans because there are various reports that talks about the pain of this renowned Youtuber. Are you ready to see the KSI docufilm?

Where to watch KSI In Real Life documentary free?

The KSI documentary is exclusively streaming for Prime Video subscribers inside the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and various other countries. You can watch the movie for Free on Prime Video if you already have a regular Prime Video subscription.

KSI In Real Life Documentary Where to watch online Free

It costs around $14.99/month (plus taxes) inside the US and becomes $139/year (plux tax) instead of $180 if you go for an yearly plan. Inside UK, the monthly subscription is £8.99 while the yearly plan costs £95 instead of £108.

The best part about taking an Amazon Prime Video subscription is that it provides you an access to all the Prime originals as Shotgun Wedding, Dog, Thirteen Lives, Jack Ryan, The Rig, Uncharted, Moonfall, The Recruit, Samaritan, Ambulance, etc.

Is KSI In Real Life documentary on Netflix?

Nope, the highly anticipated KSI documentary is not streaming on Netflix right now but you can watch various similar biographical films on the same network like Dog Gone, Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art, Halftime, Descendant, Luckiest Girl Alive, etc. on the same network with the same Netflix subscription.

Who is KSI?

KSI is a British rapper, boxer, actor, songwriter, and a YouTuber with over 40 Million subscribers. His real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji and he is the CEO of Misfits Boxing, a boxing promotions company and has founded his own music label The Online Takeover.

KSI scrolling his smartphone In KSI In Real Life documentary
Image via Prime Video

JJ is also the co-founder of a British YT group Sidemen, XIX Vodka, Sides, and also the co-owner of an energy drink brand “Prime” along with fellow youtuber Logan Paul, the two influencers have made the hydration drink so popular among boxing fans.

If we talk about the documentary, Wesley Pollitt is the director, Barnaby Coughlin, Hannah Ramsey, Sophie Grant, Louis Theroux, and Donna Ferry are the producers who have produced the film under Mindhouse Productions.

What is the plot of KSI In Real Life?

KSI In Real Life is a 90 min long documentary film that takes us through the career and emotional journey of KSI from his early days as a newbie social media celebrity with zero followers to a professional boxer with more than 40 Million followers.

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