Shotgun Wedding Where was it filmed?

Jennifer Lopez is once again bringing an offbeat romance movie in the form of a Shotgun Wedding, the film is coming out on 27 Jan 2023 on Amazon Prime Video inside US but you will defintely turn off your smart TV if I will tell you about the review of critics.

But don’t worry, I am not going to spoil your viewing experience. It doesn’t matter what critics are saying, you can’t judge a movie without watching so, have a look at it and then make your own judgement whether this wedding was a blast or a time waste.

This is the fourth wedding film of Jlo after 2001’s Wedding Planner, 2005’s Monster in Law, and 2022’s Marry Me that became the most-streamed day-and-date title on Universal’s streaming network Peacock.

Where was Shotgun Wedding movie filmed?

The rom com film sets in Philippines but the actual filming of Shotgun Wedding was done at a private resort in Dominican Republic. Some scenes took place in Boston, Massachusetts but the major portions of the movie was filmed at ANI Private Resorts, Rio San Juan inside Dominican Republic.

NC Page Buckner, the production designer said in a recent interview with Decider that they got the level of luxury and comfort in the high-end resort of ANI. There are a lot of similarities between Philippines and Dominican Rep but a deep research is required to spot those things.

Shotgun Wedding movie featuring Jennifer Lopez as Darcy and Callie Hernandez as Jamie
Image via Prime Video

When you are filming, you don’t want to shoot something that is exotic to the other region so the crew reseached a lot before opening the cameras in the jungle.

The scene where Lopez and Duhamel are going zip-lining was filmed at another DR tourist attraction popularly known Monkeyland, located just outside Punta Cana. As the name suggests, the place is famous for its friendly monkeys who greet visitors

Principal filming was commenced in summer 2019 but was delayed to 22 Feb 2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic and finally wrapped on 22 April 2021, People reported. Lenny Kravitz said in a production notes interview that they remained in the infinity pool for over a week for eight to nine hours.

Who’s in the cast of Shotgun Wedding?

Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel are starring in the main role of Darcy Rivera and Tom Fowler in the action comedy film along with Lenny Kravitz as Sean Hawkins and Jennifer Coolidge as Carol Fowler.

Other cast members include Cheech Marin as Robert Rivera, Sonia Braga as Renata Ortiz, Calie Hernandez as Jamie Rivera, Steve Coulter as Larry Fowler, Desmin Borges as Ricky Silver, Albert Issac as Ace, D’Arcy Carden as Harriet, and Melissa Hunter as Jeannie.

Alex Mallari Jr is starring as Dog-Face, Selena Tan as Margy, Pancho Cardena as Pirate leader, Zachary Wood as Shark-Face, Tharoth Sam as Rat-Face, and Worapojd Thautanon as Clown-Face.

What is the plot of Shotgun Wedding?

The film is about the gathering of Darcy and Tom at a lovable but opinionated personal wedding destination of both families that pushed the whole wedding scenario into a total nightmare. Now, the couple has to save their loved ones before they kill each other.

Where to watch new The Jennifer Lopez wedding movie?

If you are already having an Amazon Prime Video subscription then you can stream the Shotgun Wedding for free along with other originals as The Rig, Night Sky, The Terminal List, A League of Their Own, The Peripheral, etc.

A regular Prime subsription costs around $14.99 (plus taxes) per month. Moreover, Amazon Prime Video provides a 30-day trial period for its first time subscribers that you can cancel anytime.

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