Where was Marry Me filmed? Full Cast Details

Marry Me is an American romance comedy film directed by Kat Coiro and produced Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Jennifer Lopez, Benny Medina, along with John Rogers. The story is based on the graphic novel of the same name written by Bobby Crosby that follows a sensational popstar(Jennifer Lopez) who decides to marry a stranger after realizing that her stage partner is having an affair behind her back. The film is set to premiere on 11 Feb 2022 inside US cinemas and Peacock for online viewers.

Marry Me Filming Locations

Filming for Marry Me began in October 2019 inside New York City, NY and wrapped up around 22 November. The place where Kat(Lopez) spots Charlie(Wilson) is located at Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan Center. Moreover, the red carpet event took place at the New Yorker Hotel. Most of the scenes were took place at Manhattan while some scenes were shot inside Brooklyn.

Marry Me Jennifer Lopez movie

Who is in Marry Me cast?

In April 2019, Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson were announced to cast in the Universal Pictures film.

  • John Bradley as Collin Calloway
  • Jennifer Lopez as Kat Valdez
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar as Coach Manny
  • Maluma Maluma as Bastian
  • Sarah Silverman as Parker Debbs
  • Owen Wilson as Charlie Gilbert
  • Chloe Coleman as Lou Gilbert
  • Michelle Buteau
  • Brady Noon as George
  • Jacqueline Honulik as French girl
  • Stephen Wallem as Jonathan Pitts
  • Alex D. Jennings as Prom Date
  • Jimmy Fallon as Jimmy Fallon
  • Katrina Cunningham as Tyra
  • Nathalie Rock as Kat’s Parisian Fan
  • Christine Jones as Press #3
  • Massiel Mordan as Fangirl #1
  • Natalie Buck as Press #5
  • Daymien Valentino as Bodyguard
  • Kyndra Sanchez as Student (voice)
  • Ryan Foust as Percy
  • Taliyah Whitaker as Esther
  • Lori Pizzo as Reporter
  • Andre Da Silva as Kat’s driver Jeff
  • Kay Aston as Bank Representative
  • Anne Cooper as Old Lady
  • Keith Ewell as Judge
  • Vincent Tumeo as Airline Ticketing Agent
  • Raina Cheng as Student
  • Lynne Valley as Midwest Air Ticket Agent
  • Brittany Styles as Kat’s Hairstylist
  • Connor Noon as Not George
  • Christy Matino as Selfie Girl
  • Lawrence Smith as Kat’s Stage Security
  • Logan Crawford as News Commentator
  • Alex Perez as Kat’s Stage Security
  • Jim C. Ferris as Paparazzi #3
  • Oliver Stern as Algebro
  • Nataly Santiago as Dancer
  • Sydney Blackburn as Kat’s Assistant
  • Tristan-Lee Edwards as Tristan
  • Blaise Corrigan as Papparazzi #1
  • Scarlett Earls as Scarlett
  • Blaise Ffrench as Co-worker
  • Giuseppe Ardizzone as Bus Driver
  • Jerome Brooks Jr. as Industry Mogul
  • Claire D’Angelo as Fangirl #2
  • Olivia Chun as Olivia
  • Jaiya Chetram as Algebro
  • Henardo Rodriguez
  • Khalil Middleton as Kofi
  • Gianna Arena as High School Student
  • Dominick Sabatino as Paparazzi
  • Stephanie Groves as Middle School Student
  • Diego Lucano as Jose Goldenblatt
  • Rahim Rosen
  • Marshall Axt as Airport Traveler
  • Jim Kaplan as Jim
  • Madison Paige Trzaski as Student
  • Jolie Chan as Fangirl #4
  • Jennifer Tsay as PA
  • Jonathan M. Parisen as Airport Fan.
  • Michael Lewis Mejia as Hotel Room Service
  • Khalil Maasi as Security
  • Charlton Lamar as Kat’s Securityguard
  • Kara F. Green as Ticket Agent
  • Regan Teller as Makeup Artist


The plot of the film is focused on a sensational latin popstar who plans to marry a stranger after getting betrayal from her on stage partner. Even though, the truth revealed just before the final moments of getting married, the lady decides to make relationship with an unknown person searching for love holding a Marry Me sign in his hands. The film is filled with joy and romance like Hocus Pocus 2.

Marry Me is streaming on Peacock since 11 Feb 2022. The film was originally scheduled to release on 11 Feb 2021 but was delayed to 14 May 2021 due to pandemic and then shifted to 11 Feb for the next year.

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