Is the movie Dog Gone a true story? When was it filmed?

When it comes to pets, most of us prefer to have dogs or cats without any second thought but what if you just had a girl rejection and soon after that, your dog goes missing. Well, Dog Gone movie is based on one such incident that happened in the real life of a college going kid.

The 2023 biographical film is directed by Stephen Herek from the screenplay of Nick Santora who has also co-produced the film with Jeremy Kipp Walker under Story Ink and Blackjack Films. It was released on Netflix on 13 Jan 2023 inside the United States and is now trending on Netflix like Woman of the Dead.

Let’s see the real story behind the film along with the filming locations.

Where was Dog Gone filmed?

Production of the movie began in August 2021 and wrapped around January 2022 inside Atlanta, Georgia. Most of the shooting taking place around Riverdale, Stone Mountain, Powder Springs, Conyers, and Rabun Country.

Is Dog Gone on Netflix

As far as the trail has been concerned where the film sets in was shot on Appalachian Mountains. This is also the place where Gonker was seen for the last time. It is located in the Eastern US and extends between Springer Mountain, Georgia and Mount Katahdin, Maine through 18 states.

The Appalachian Trail conservancy even claims that this American trail is the only world’s longest hiking trail where 3 Million+ comes to hike every year. For your general knowledge, the lowest point of this trail is Bear Mountains State Park while the highest point is Clingmans Dome.

Is Dog Gone movie based on a true story?

Indeed, Dog Gone movie is based on a 2016 novel “Dog Gone: A Lost Pet’s Extraordinary Journey and the Family Who Brought Him Home” by Pauls Toutonghi that tells the story of a goofy dog named Gonker who went missing on the Appalachian trail in October 1998.

The film shows the dog as well as the efforts made by the Marshall family to find their beloved pet. There was a big challenge for the Marshalls while they began their search, Gonker was suffering from Addison’s disease that required monthly medications and if those injections were not given on time, his life could have been in more danger.

Dog gone true story
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The family began the search for their beloved pet and after 15 days of deep search, they finally got Gonker near a ski resort that is located 111 miles away from the Appalachian moutain. Even though, the owners found the poor canine alive, there were times when they heard from the vets that Gonker has a 50/50 chance of surviving the night.

It was really a tough time for the owners as Gonker went missing when 20 days were left for the next injection and they were unable to trace its location until the next 14 days of search but those hardships and anxiety to save their pet force the father and son to push their limits and make their bond much stronger than ever.

What kind of Dog is in Dog Gone?

The dog’s name is Gonker and he belongs to golden retriver mix breed. Rob Lowe and Johny Berchtold are starring in the lead role of John Marshall and Fielding Marshall in the family drama film directed by Stephen Herek.


It was a decent Netflix movie that will surely make your heart melt and bring tears of joy in your eyes. There are certain visuals where Marshalls look helpless but in the next moment, we see a sunshine. The sun shines brighter after some darkest nights, the same goes with the Marshall family.

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