Where was Woman of the Dead filmed? See Netflix Show Locations

Woman of the Dead is a 2023 crime drama series created and written by filmmaker Benito Mueller, Wolfgang Mueller, and Barbara Stepansky for Netflix Germany. The series is produced under Barry Films and Mona Film Production.

Based on a 2014 novel by Bernhard Aichner, the mystery series follows a vengeful quest of a woman whose husband was asassinated because he was on the way to uncover some terrible secrets of his small community.

Fans are praising the series for its action packed scenes, the photography and camera angles are superb and the cast members have done an excellent job like The Pale Blue Eye movie stars. If you are mesmerized with the scenes then you might be wondering where was the filming took place. Let’s see.

Woman of the Dead Filming Locations

Woman of the Dead sets in the streets of Germany but the actual filming was done in Austria. Principal filming began in April 2021 in Tyrol and wrapped around July 2021 inside Vienna.

Austria is a neighboring country of Germany located in the southern part of Central Europe. It is ranked in one of the highest standards of living among the economies of the world. The reason behind Austria’s richness is that the country is rich in natural resources and major industries are electrochemistry, engineering, and luxury commodities.

Woman of the Dead was filmed in Austria
via Netflix

Tyrol is a western Austrian state where most of the shooting has taken place. The place is famous for its branded ski resorts and that’s why Hotel Riml, a ski & wellness the resort located at Hochgurglerstraße 16, 6456 Hochgurgl, Austria was booked for the shooting purposes.

Other than that, the funeral scene was shot in the municipality of Sellrain while some scenes were shot in the winter sports village of Kuhtai and Reutte. Some shooting was done near the banks of the Inn near Roppen.

The team moved to Vienna, the most populous and capital city of Austria to film some scenes in Himmelpfortgasse. Finally, the production team setup a camp in Lower Austria to complete the filming. Stadtgemeinde Ternitz at Hans Czettel-Platz 1 was transformed into a police station.

What is Woman of the Dead series about?

The series is about the vengeful quest of one woman to find out the killer of her husband who was actually murdererd which she first thinks as an accident. Her name is Brunhilde Blum, she is the main character of the story who was running a funeral parlor at a popular ski resort with her husband Mark and two young children.

Woman of the Dead is now streaming on Netflix

Since the murder of Mark, she’s on a thrilling ride to expose all the faces behind her husband’s murder. In her investigation, she also discovers some awful secrets that her community was hiding from a very long time but she takes the responsiblity to expose all the faces. Will Blum be able to expose the secrets or the hunter get hunted?

Woman of the Dead is now streaming on Netflix inside the United States since its premiere on 5 Jan 2023.

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