The Pale Blue Eye Filming Locations, Is The Pale Blue Eye based on a real story?

Netflix’s latest murder mystery film The Pale Blue Eye is touching heights with its nostalgic setting in the1830s and unique take on horror legend Edgar Allan Poe’s character (played by Harry Melling) who is helping the team of detectives in investigating a brutal murder.

The crime thriller stars Christian Bale in the role of titular character detective Augustus Landor who is recruited by the United States Military Academy for the investigation of a false suicide case of a cadet whose heart was removed from the morgue.

The movie has something common with A Man Called Otto but what’s that? You guessed correct, it’s location, shooting location, both were filmed in Pennsylvania. Let’s see the locations in detail.

The Pale Blue Eye Filming Locations

The Pale Blue Eye was filmed inside Pennsylvania, USA. Filming began on 29 November 2021 at the historic Compass Inn Museum located in Ligonier Township, Westmoreland Country and concluded in Feb 2022 inside Pittsburgh.

Benny’s Haven

The Compass Inn museum is a historic site of Laughingtown which has been featured in the film as Benny’s Haven, the tavern where Patsy works. Some CGI has been used to make a perfect setting that dates back to the 18th century.

The Pale Blue Eye was filmed in Pennsylvania

It was accepted as a gift by Ligonier Valley Historical Society from the Richard King Mellon Foundation in 1966. The place has undergone extentsive restoration in 1972 before opening for visitors.

There is also a Blacksmith shop that dates back to 1830. Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman and his wife Gisele were playing the role of extras during one shot that features this ancient museum shop.

West Point Academy

In December 2021, the production team moved to Westminster, New Wilmington to film some scenes. Westminster college was actually framed as New York’s US Military academy West Point in the film.

The college was founded in 1852 and is one of the oldest private liberal arts college and that’s why the filmmakers chose this college and utilized its courtyards while some outdoor scenes were filmed at a country park, Hartwood Acres Stables located a few miles away from downtown Pittsburgh.

Secret Meeting place of Landon and Poe

The scenes where Landon and Poe meets secretly and the professor expert in rituals were shot in Penguin Court Farm. It is a huge 3700 sq foot greenhouse located in Wesmoreland Country. The large estate is owned by the Brandywine Conservancy.

The Funeral Scene

A local magazine reported that the funeral scene was shot at Allegheny Cemetry. The cemetry is one of the Top 10 oldest cemetry of the United States and has a rich history that goes back till 1844. It is located in the neighborhood of Pittsburgh inside Lawrenceville.

Where were the cliffs in the last scene of The Pale Blue Eye?

The murder mystery film opens with a snowy Hudson River, that scene was shot at Slippery Rock Creek in McConnells Mill State Park. It is a beautiful place with huge park grounds, distant fog, trees, cliffs, and boulders, all are there to give you a good hiking trail.

The heartbreaking last scene where Landor allows Mattie’s ribbon to blow away in the wind at the cliff was also filmed at the same park.

Moraine State Park

Moraine Park is just a couple of miles away from McConnels Mill State Park, the crew moved to the 200 years old Hudson valley to shoot some period scenes. Lake Arthur is beautifully filmed in the historical film and you can even see 422 in the background which confirms the shooting place.

Old Economy Village

Another artistic location that gives the viewer a nostalgic feeling. The village is located in Beaver Country and was constructed in 1820 as the home of Harmony Society. The society built many historic buildings as Feast Hall, Granary, and even founded the town of Economy where some shooting took place.

Is The Pale Blue Eye a true story?

Nope, The Pale Blue Eye is based on a 2003 novel by Louis Bayard.

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