Where was “A Man Called Otto” filmed? See All Filming Locations

Finch, Elvis, Pinnochio, Greyhound, News of the World, all of them showed us the serious side of Tom Hanks but finally, we have A Man Called Otto where Hanks will be seen in a comedic role.

The 2022 film is a second film adaptation of a 2012 novel by Fredrik Backman and also serves as a direct sequel to the 2015 Swedish film A Man Called Ove created by Hannes Holm.

Both the films are based on a 2012 award winning novel A Man Called Ove written by a Swedish author Fredrik Backman who got his inspiration for his book after a blog article.

A Man Called Otto Filming Locations

Production of a Man Called Otto took place inside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and in some regions of Ohio including greater Cleveland and Toledo. The principal shooting began in Feb 2022 and wrapped in May 2022.

The local reporter covered the news that the crew of Tom Hanks movie was hiring extras for some scenes and producers made it clear that no extras were allowed to come in contact with the main actors on the set. When an Erie soldier tried to say hello to Jeff Daniels, he was rudely brushed off.

A Man called Otto filming locations
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Most of the filming was done in Pittsburgh and if you are a resident then you will probably notice St Thomas Episcopal Church located at 378 Delaware Avenue in Oakmont, Sewickley Cemetry at 501 Hopkins Street, Senior Citizen’s Center at 6000 Gateway Campus Boulevard, Monroeville, and North Highland Avenue.

Some streets of Allison Park and Ambridge were also used in the shooting process and you can easily identify them while watching the movie like the Gilliland Avenue in Bellevue and Suismon Street.

Inside Ohio, the suburbs of Cleveland and Brecksville were utilized for filming purposes. The railway stations shown in the film are Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Brecksville train station located at 13512 Station Road, Akron and Central Union Terminal located at 415 Emerald Avenue at the western tip of Lake Erie, Toledo.

Who is in the cast of A Man Called Otto?

Tom Hanks is starring in the main role of Otto, Mariana Trevino as Marisol, Rachel Keller is starring as Sonya, Cameron Britton as Jimmy, Mike Birbiglia is a real estate agent while Manuel Garcia Rulfo is starring as Tommy in the Swedish remake.

What is the movie A Man Called Otto about?

With Tom Hanks in the lead role of Otto Anderson, the film tells the bittersweet story of a grumpy 60-year old man who is forced to retire from his job of nearly 40 years of service after his wife dies. The man plans to end his life but after several failed attempts, he learns about an unlikely friendship that helps him in seeing the positive aspect of things.

Where to watch A Man Called Otto?

The movie has been theatrically released on 30 Dec 2022 in New York and Los Angeles before a large release inside the US cinemas on 6 Jan 2023, and a world release on 13 Jan 2023. Currently, the Tom Hanks movie is not available to watch on any OTT platform but is expected to be released on a streaming service its 45 day theatrical run.

Since the distribution rights of the film are acquired by Sony Pictures Releasing, the film might release on Netflix because SONY has signed a deal with Netflix that their upcoming movies will be released on Netflix after the theatrical run like Spirited is streaming on Apple TV+ and Best Man Final Chapters streaming exclusively on Peacock premium. So, we can wait till that time.

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