Is Moonfall on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Where to watch Moonfall?

Moonfall is an American 2022 sci-fi movie directed and co-written by Roland Emmerich along with Harald Kloser and Spenser Cohen. Ronald Emmerich has also co-produced the disaster movie with Harald Kloser. The movie is created under Huayi Brothers International, Huayi Tencent Entertainment International, Centropolis Entertainment, Street Entertainment, and AGC Studios and distributed by Lionsgate. The movie was exclusively released inside theatres but where can you stream it online?

Is Moonfall on Netflix?

No, Moonfall is not yet streaming on Netflix and isn’t expected to release on the streaming platform. However, you can watch several disaster movies like Poseidon(2006), Mad Max Fury Road(2015), How It Ends(2021), Don’t Look Up(2021), etc. on the same streaming giant.

Moonfall Netflix

Is Moonfall on Amazon prime?

Unfortunately, the movie is not available to watch on the OTT platform. Neither it is streaming directly nor it is included in the VOD section where you can rent or purchase it. Just like Netflix, you can watch some other films such as The Day After Tomorrow(2004), Melancholia(2011), Landfall(2017), Just A Breath Away(2018).

Where to watch Moonfall movie?

Moonfall movie is exclusively streaming inside movie theatres worldwide since its release on 4 Feb 2022. Since the movie is running only on big screens, there is no way to watch the film online right now. As far as the digital release date of the movie is concerned, no official date is yet announced by Lionsgate.

The movie is expected to be released on Starz or Lionsgate Play after two months theatrical run means in April 2022. It will be available on the same streaming platform where Mr. Wilson, Wrath of Man, Angel Has Fallen, and other Lionsgate distributed films are airing.


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