Jury Duty 2023 Where to Watch? Is the show streaming Free?

Jury Duty is the new documentary style comedy show developed by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky with James Marsden in the main role of the trial’s presiding judge.

The legal comedy drama series is a fresh take on America’s legal system that tells us the whole story of the US courts while keeping the comedic tone intact.

Another interesting part is that, the show uses real jurors who have attended numerous proceedings and that’s why the fictional trial looks so realistic.

What is Jury Duty about?

Directed by Jake Szymasnski, the series is about a fake civil trial where everything is scripted but the main juror Ronald Gladden isn’t aware of the falsehood.

Everything except him is a comedic actor who is just playing his part in the series. The trailer shows Marsden as the most prominent character who is discussing the cast with his jury.

The show is produced by Tanner Bean and Katrina Mathewson under Funny or Die, the comedy production company co-founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

Is James Marsden new series on Netflix?

Nopes, the series isn’t available to stream on Netflix and isn’t expected to arrive on the platform in the future because the show is a Freevee original that is exclusively streaming on the original network.

Jury Duty Netflix

However, there are a lot of hit legal drama series like Better Call Saul, The Lincoln Lawyer, How to get away with Murder, Vicenzo, Unicorn Wars, Diary of a Persecutor, The Trial, When They See Us, etc. that available on Netflix and can be streamed via subscription.

Does Amazon have Jury Duty 2023?

Yes, the docu-style comedy series is available for streaming on Amazon’s subsidiary streaming platform, Freevee that provides streaming for free.

Jury Duty documentary style comedy series on Prime Video

You can directly watch through your Prime Video subscription without sign up if you have currently subscribed to Amazon or you can sign up on Freevee.

The content of this library is limited but Prime Video library is full of thrilling legal drama series like Goliath, Suits, The Good Wife, Bleak House, The Escape Artist, etc.

Where can I watch the show Jury duty?

Jury Duty is an Amazon Freevee original and is exclusively streaming on the Freevee streaming service absolutely for FREE. Since the service is supported by advertising, you will see ads while watching the show like Matt Welsh’s doc after Musk promotion.

You just need to sign up to Freevee and you will be able to watch any show of your choice that is available in their content library like Bosch Legacy, Leverage Redemtion, Sprung, You are not a monster, Alex Rider, High School, etc.


While critics are smashing the series for stretching the story beyond the concept, most of the viewers are finding the show to be the best of legal comedy and screwing up the critics with their reviews.

That’s why there is a huge gap in audience and critic ratings, when critics combined score reaches upto 38% on Tomatometer, the audience side is able to secure whopping 97% Tomato score. Moreover, the show is rated 8.2 on IMDb.

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