What is A Woman documentary streaming for Free for 24 hrs on Twitter after Musk’s promotion

An year has been passed since the conservative political commentator Matt Welsh released What is A Woman documentary, an explosive docufilm about transgenderism.

On 2nd June 2023, Elon Musk has promoted the film through his official twitter account saying that every parent should watch this.

What is a Woman

The documentary is currently streaming for FREE and can be watched via Daily Wire twitter account.

While some people are questioning the authenticity of the movie and flagging the doc for promoting hate speech, Musk is openly promoting the film.

Earlier, Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing said that the social media platform is not providing any support to them so that they can stream their film for free. Moreover, he said that Twitter would limit its reach by marking as ‘hateful conduct’ because of two instances of misgendering in the film.

Daily Wire planned to upload the movie at 8 PM Eastern on their official twitter handle and ask everyone, if Twitter will keep the promise or throttle it by labelling as hate speech. Let’s see what Twitter will do. We all find out together, Boreing continued.

Even though, Musk hasn’t responded to any of the accusations on Twitter except an autoreply with a poop emoji.

Musk presents Twitter as the paradise for free speech when the company has still drawn a fine line in the sand between certain types of violent and hateful content.

However, Elon himself has promoted so many conspiracy theories on Twitter whether it’s about billionaire George Soros or Marvel’s Jewish supervillain Magneto, he hasn’t spared any one of them.

So, it will be wrong to say that Musk is filtering the content.

About What is a Woman?

What is a woman is a 95-minute documentary that attempts to answer the question of the generation. Matt Welsh, a conservative news journalist and a podcaster at The Daily Wire comes out on the streets to find the answer to this simple yet sophisticated question.

Matt has attempted to answer the logic behind gender ideology movement that has taken aim at women and children. When the supreme court judge Ketanji Brown was asked the same in a live court session, she wasn’t able to answer it. So, you can see how complicated the question is.

Lakshya Kaushik

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