Is What is a Woman on Netflix or Prime Video? How can I Watch What is a Woman?

Directed by Justin Folk and produced by Dallas Sonnier, What is a woman documentary is one of the best documentaries of 2022 that brought a big change to the American society. It stars Matt Welsh as the main host who tries to find an answer to a simple question asked from Judge Ketanji Brown and yes, she didn’t answer that full confidence. The 94-minute film has covered various social issues like transgenderism, gender affirmation, rapid onset dysphoria, psychiatry, unfair competition, woke culture and reference to sexual behavior in the humans.

Even though, these issues look simple but nobody, even the clinical psychologlists were able to provide a satisfactory answer to this question. The docufilm questions the viewers that doesn’t always have a straight answer and dives deeper into the personality of each viewer. Let’s find out the places where matt walsh documentary is streaming now.

Is What is a Woman Documentary on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Matt Walsh’s What is a woman documentary film isn’t included in the giant library of Netflix right now and isn’t expected to arrive in the future because it’s a TDW original which is exclusively streaming on the original network where Matt hosts his podcasts.

What is a woman documentary netflix

Pieces of a Woman(2020) is one of the best women empowerment movie that you can watch on Netflix right now. It stars Vanessa Kirby who won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress for the same film. The film was noted for the long childbirth scene at the start.

Other women empowerment movies on Netflix include Los Girls, Step Sisters, Someone Great, To The Bone, Otherhood, Suffragette, I Am Woman, Feminists: What were they thinking?, Dude, Happily Ever After, Girl Interrupted etc.

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Does Amazon Prime have What is a Woman Documentary?

Prime Video subscribers will be disappointed to learn that the documentary film isn’t included in the regular Amazon Prime subscription.

Neither the movie is streaming in the huge content library of Amazon Prime nor it is included in the VOD section where you can rent or purchase it at some additional price.

What is a woman documentary watch online

You must visit the original news network where Matt posts his podcasts if you want to watch the eye-opening movie.

However, you can stream various other film that supports woman similar to this documentation like The Iron Lady, She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, Woman in Motion.

Can I watch What is a Woman Documentary on Disney+?

No doubt, Disney plus is having a huge content library of animated TV shows and movies but when it comes to docuseries and movies based on true stories then Disney might not be a good option. But still you can watch two similar movies: Hidden Figures and Queen of Katwe via Disney+ subscription.

What is a Woman Disney+

You can watch various Marvel and DC movies on the streaming network including Eternals, Thor, Black Widow, Shang Chi, Guardians of the Galaxy, Zootropolis 2, Antman, Fantastic 4, Captain America: Civil War, etc. on Disney+.

What is a Woman Documentary where to watch?

What is a Woman documentary is exclusively streaming on The Daily Wire since its premiere on 1 June 2022 inside the United States. The Daily Wire is a conservative news website where Matt hosts his original podcast titled The Matt Walsh Show.

So, if you are willing to watch the movie that answers the question of the generation then you need to take a monthly subscription of the conservative news website that costs around $14 per month.

where to watch What is a Woman Documentary for free
Matt Welsh talking with other women in What is a Woman

Or you can also take a subscription to the yearly plan that costs around $144(12 USD/month) which will save your $24 in total. Moreover, a special offer is running for new users. If you are choosing an annual plan then it will cost merely $9 per month that equals $108 per year.

This 25% discount offer is only for the users visiting first time. So, if you haven’t tried TDW premium plan yet then this might be the perfect time to get familiar with the conservative news website.

How to watch What is a Woman For Free?

Currently, What is a Woman is Free to watch on Twitter. Earlier, Matt Welsh said that it would be streaming for free for only 24 hrs on 2 June 2023 but later, the free period was extended and the docufilm is still streaming for free. Finally, the docufilm has been deleted from the official Twitter account of Daily Wire+ and now, you need to take a Daily Wire subscription to stream it.

Is there a way to watch Matt Welsh documentary without Daily Wire?

For those who are looking for other networks to watch the Matt Welsh documentary will be diasppointed to know that What is a woman documentary is not streaming anywhere other than the official website of Daily Wire. You won’t be able to stream the docufilm on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO MAX.

For you information, the streaming website doesn’t offer any free trial to any of its users. So, there’s no way to stream the Matt Welsh Pride month documentary for Free on any of the digital platforms. However, a similar short documentary film with the same name is also streaming on Kanopy for FREE but the original Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman documentary is streaming only for TDW website subscribers.

Also, this free streaming network is only for students and professors. You need a library card or a university email address to signup for the free service. If you are a student or a University professor then you can enjoy the film for free. However, you can watch only ten movies every month on the streaming platform as the library system pays a small fee every time someone checkout a film.

Who’s casting in What is a Woman Documentary?

Here’s the list of all the main cast members that are featured in the series:

  • Matt Walsh as Host
  • William Smith as Son of the host
  • Olive Moore as Teenage Girl
  • Abbey Marks as Daughter of the host
  • Jordan B. Peterson as Self – Clinical Psychologist, Author
  • Tucker Carlson
  • Michelle Forcier as Pediatrician, Professor (MD)
  • Debra Soh as Author, The End of Gender
  • Oprah Winfrey

Why is Matt Welsh documentary so popular?

The hard-hitting documentary addresses a rising issue which we better known as transgenderism. It shows the struggle of Walsh to find someone who can answer to the simplest question.

You can imagine the importance of this issue by looking at Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown remarks.

What is a Woman documentary showing Matt Welsh
via What is a Woman documentary

She dodged the same question during her hearings and clearly said that she is unable to answer it correctly because she is not a biologist. No woman wants to answer the straightforward question.

If you have like What is a woman? then you will also love Disclosure, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution, Intersexion, The Trans List, My Name is Pauli Murray, and Transhood.

What is a Woman Documentary Review

Some political commentators have called What is a Woman documentary movie an absolute winner while others are commenting bad about the film. Overall, it is a good production by Mat Welsh and his team for the Daily Wire subscribers.

The man has shown the courage to expose transphobia and has explained gender ideology in a more clear way.

I was also searching on the internet ‘what is a woman where to watch’ and finally I come across Daily Wire where I can watch what is a woman and Candace Owens BLM documentary too that exposes the Black Lives Matter Movement scam.

Sometimes the truth is much worse than fiction nowadays, documentaries are aggressively exposing the harsh realities like The Bridge (2006), the Hulu’s upcoming documentary that talks about the infamous Atlanta festival, Welcome to Lelth (2015), etc.

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