Mel Gibson Documentary 2023 Where to watch? Streaming Now

Mel Gibson documentary on child and human trafficking has been blocked from funding. The film is not credited on IMDb but Mel is rumored to be the producer of the documentary.

However, a report from Entertainment Weekly confirmed that actor/director Mel Gibson is neither a producer nor a director for the documentary series based on the Ukranian human traffickers.

Tim Ballard from the Operation Underground Railroads, a California based non-profit organization said:

"Mel is a personal of mine and he deserves all the credit for taking their initiative further but the reports about Mr Gibson being the producer of their upcoming project are not accurate. The four-part docuseries has been produced by Nick Nanton of DNA Films. The executive producers include Kyle Cease, Sage Robbins, and Tony Robbins."

Ballard said in January that he asked Gibson to help him financially and he agreed. Then, they started filming and after four months of shooting, they end up making four part docuseries.

Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard in Mel Gibson documentary
Angel Studios

We have trust issues with Ballard and Nierob. One says that Gibson helped in financing the movie while the other one says that he didn’t. It’s upto fans but we will still call the four part series as Mel Gibson documentary.

However, what is streaming in the theaters is not Mel Gibson documentary but a film that was inspired by Tim Ballard’s assertions as an activist against child trafficking and O.U.R founder. The 4-part series is an upcoming docuseries that is set to premiere sometime later in the future.

Where to watch Mel Gibson documentary?

Sound of Freedom has been released on 4 July 2023 and is exclusively streaming inside AMC theaters. You can watch the film by booking a ticket to your nearest AMC theater from the official website of Angel Studios.

The release date on OTT platform is not known but it will probably release on Angel Studios app. For those who are listening Angel Studios for the first time, it’s an on-demand platform that uses equity crowdfunding to finance its productions.

The same studio is working on The Chosen Season 4 that is set to premiere in early 2024.

Is Mel Gibson documentary on Netflix?

No, the film based on human traffickers is not available on Netflix but there are various Mel Gibson films that you can stream with your Netflix subscription like Dragged Across Concrete (2018), The Hunger Games (2012), Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023), Riddick (2013), Mad Max (1979), Lethal Weapon (1987), etc.

Mel Gibson documentary Netflix

Is Sound of Freedom on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, the documentary is not streaming for Prime Video subscribers and you can’t even purchase or rent it by paying an additional cost but there are lots of Mel Gibson movies that are available on Amazon Prime like Edge of Darkness (2010), Get the Gringo (2012), Signs (2002), Dangerous (2021), Bandit (2022), etc.

Is Mel Gibson making a documentary on sex trafficking?

Mel Gibson documentary doesn’t exist. The founder of Utah anti-trafficking nonprofit claimed that the actor and director Gibson provided an inital support for the production of docuseries but later on, he said that Dragged across concrete star is not asssociated with the docuseries.

However, fans of Gibson are giving a loud cheer to him for tackling a sensitive issue with ease. Even Elon Musk has suggested to release the film on Twitter and they won’t keep any funds with them.

Mel Gibson documentary started trending on twitter after a famous twitter account tweeted that Mel is making a 4-part docuseries on the $34 Billion global sex trafficking. Without verifying the information, fans started trending Mel Gibson documentary on Musk social media platform.

Sound of Freedom Cast

  • Jim Caviezel as Tim Ballard
  • Mira Sorvino as Katherine Ballard
  • Gary Basaraba as Earl Buchanan
  • Bill Camp as Batman
  • Kurt Fuller as Frost
  • José Zúñiga as Roberto
  • Gerardo Taracena as El Alacrán
  • Scott Haze as Chris
  • Javier Godino as Jorge
  • Eduardo Verástegui as Paul
  • Gustavo Sánchez Parra as El Calacas

What is Sound of Freedom about?

Sound of Freedom is a 2022 action film that follows a former US Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Agent Tim Ballard who quits his govt job to save the children from the evil cartels and human traffickers in South America.

After rescuing a young boy from a cartel, Tim learns that the rescued boy’s sister is still under the claws of a powerful gang in South America. So, the federal agent embarks on the mission to free the girl but there is one problem, every minute counts.

To keep the film authentic, most of the shooting was done in Cartagena, Colombia with some scenes taking place in Calexico, California. The film was inspired by Ballard’s assertions as an acitvist against child trafficking.

Tim Ballard wanted to make a documentary on the $34 Billion child sex trafficking market involving countries like Ukraine. That ends up in a four-part docuseries in which Mel Gibson is not credited as a producer.

Ballard claims that Gibson took over the final edit for the movie “Sound of Freedom” but not for the upcoming 4-part docuseries that people are calling as Mel Gibson documentary, but it’s not.

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