Where to watch The Greatest Lie Ever Sold documentary?

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM is a 2022 documentary film written and presented by American writer & producer Candace Owens.

It stars various real police officers, criminal attorneys, head of justice, and criminologists and the film was created in reference to the 2020 summer riots and the rise of Black Lives Matter movement.

After the death of George Floyd, the media justified the summer riots and BLM was used to raise a total of whopping $90 Million that created chaos all over the US state of Minnesota.

About The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Candace Owens documentary

The movie is about the discovery of huge chunk of money that was collected on the name Black Lives Matter movement. Where did the 90 million dollars go?

Literally, this film has exposed the dark side of the media that doesn’t care about the truth. You will find real life professionals sitting in this documentary and discussing the details. George Floyd’s friend is also in the cast to spit the real incidents.

There should be a second part of the film if possible. If you are a critical thinker and have the courage to face the truth then go for it otherwise you will just feel miserable. You will find how world can be cruel on the sake of grabbing cash but still there are some people who are bringing truth on the table.

Is Candace Owens BLM Documentary on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Candace Owen’s documentary film isn’t included in the giant content library of Netflix right now and also it isn’t expected to arrive on Netflix in the near future because the distribution rights are reserved for some other network.

Candace Owens BLM Documentary Netflix
greatest lie ever sold documentary Netflix

But you can watch a lot of similar movies on Netflix that covers racism against African Americans like A Chronicle of Racism in America, ReMastered: Two Killings of Sam Cooke, Two Distant Strangers, All Day and A Night, The Black Godfather, Oprah Winfrey Presents, etc. So, you can watch those series as Candace Owens BLM Documentary Netflix.

Does Amazon Prime have The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Documentary?

Prime Video subscribers will be disappointed to learn that the documentary film isn’t covered in the regular Amazon Prime subscription and that’s why subscribers will not be able to watch the movie.

Is The Greatest Lie Ever Sold on Amazon Prime

Neither the movie is streaming in the huge content library of Amazon Prime nor it is included in the VOD section where you can rent or purchase it at some additional price.

But worry not, Prime Video is streaming various original films based on black people like Uncle Tom, A Century, My Name is Pauli Murray, I Am Not Your Negro, Marcus Garvey- A Giant of Black Politics, American Dope: White Powder, The Uncomfortable Truth, Gil Scott Heron, etc.

Candace Owens BLM Documentary Where to watch?

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold documentary film is exclusively streaming for The Daily Wire subscribers because its an original movie produced under Daily Wire Entertainment.

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold documentary where to watch
(Candace Owens in the greatest lie ever sold watch free with The Daily Wire subscription)

If you want to watch this reality based movie then you have to take a monthly or annual subscription of The Daily Wire and become a DailyWire+ subscriber. Three types of memberships are available ranging from $12 to $20 per month but you can get some discount if you are having a PLUS code.

About DailyWire

The conservative news website was founded by Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing in 2015 where Matt Welsh hosts his podcast and is also the home to another popular documentary What is a Woman where Matt is trying to find the answer to one of the most sophisticated question.

The Insider plus plan is the most popular one which costs $12/month but if you apply a code and choose an annual subscription then your monthly cost falls down to just $8.00/month and you need to pay $96.00 annually.

Moreover, a special offer is running for new users and if you are choosing an annual plan as a first time subscriber then it will cost lower. The best part about TDW is that, it is available on ROKU, Apple TV, Chromecast, and other smartphone apps so you can watch the Daily Wire documentaries from anywhere.

Insider+ is also popular because it provides you access with almost everything you need except the live interaction with our beloved hosts as Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Matt Welsh, etc.

The Greatest Lie Ever Watch Online documentary for free

Unfortunately, there is no way to watch The Greatest Lie Ever Sold Candace Owens film for Free because it is not yet picked up by an ad-supported network like NBCUniversal’s Peacock or YouTube. You need to become a Daily Wire plus member if you want to watch the film.

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