Unicorn Wars: How to Watch the Film in Your Country?

Unicorn Wars is a 2022 adult animated film directed by Spanish animator Alberto Vázquez, produced by Chelo Loureiro, Iván Miñambres, and Nicolas Schmerkin under Abano Producións, UniKo, Autour de Minuit, and Schmuby Productions.

Based on the fictional story of Vázquez, the splatter film is about a conflict between anthropomorphized teddy bears (who are loyal to the evil queen) and the last unicorns who are fighting for their existence.

The movie was first released in France at Annecy 2022 festival that happened on 16 June 2022. Then, it was released in Spain on 21 October 2022 and after that, it was released for a wider audience in France on 28 Dec 2022 by UFO distribution.

The film received a theatrical release in North America on 10 March 2023 and is now streaming inside the US cinemas but where can you stream it at home?

Is Unicorn Wars on Netflix?

In terms of availability, Unicorn Wars is not currently available for streaming on any platforms but it might be released on Netflix sometime in the future because the streaming rights in US is owned by GKIDS.

Unicorn Wars Netflix full movie

GKIDS is an American film distributor based in New York that handles North American distribution of popular animations including Neon Genesis Evangelion which is one of the most loved anime series on Netflix.

Also, the streaming giant has a history of purchasing the distribution rights of several good animation films whether it is Angry Birds 2, The Little Prince, White Fang, Rick and Morty, Klaus, Duck Duck Goose, or The Grinch.

However, the case seems to be different for this movie because the animator and studio, both belong to Spain that will not allow streaming of their content on Netflix.

Is Unicorn Wars movie on Amazon Prime Video?

Prime Video subscribers won’t be able to stream the movie with a regular subscription to the network but since the movie is available on Amazon, you can purchase it from the VOD section at some additional price.

Unicorn Wars Where to watch?

The movie Unicorn Wars is not currently available for streaming online but you can rent or purchase it on various online platforms such as Amazon Prime Video ($6.99), Apple TV, VUDU, Microsoft (SD $3.99; HD $6.99), YouTube Movies and Google Play ($3.99) inside US and UK.

Unicorn Wars Where to watch

You can also pre-order the Blu-ray DVD from the official GKIDS store for $18.99 if you live in USA but remember, the DVD will be shipped on 9 May 2023. If you wish to watch the movie before that then the best option will be taking the movie on rent it via above VOD platforms.


Alberto Vazquez has revealed that his work is influenced by Apocalypse Now (1979 film), Bambi (1942 animated film), and the Bible.

To everyone’s surprise, the acclaimed filmmaker and illustrator has managed to brought up a masterpiece that looked like a silly project six years ago.

The movie tackles important themes such as the destructive nature of religious indoctrination, blind faith, and the power of standing up for what you believe in.

All the characters are well-developed like in Ted Lasso and the voice acting is excellent, especially from Ramon Barea as the narrator.

What is the message given by Unicorn Wars?

The film’s depiction of a war between the evolved teddy bears and the unicorns in a magical forest serves as an allegory for the dangers of blindly following religious beliefs without questioning them.

Also, the ending of this film is particularly powerful as it shows the ultimate destruction that can result from the pursuit of power and the belief in prophecy.

The movie shows how blind faith leads to the justification of atrocities committed in the name of a belief system.

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