Is Swan Song on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Where to stream Swan Song?

Swan Song is an American sci-fi emotional drama film directed and written by Benjamin Cleary while extensively produced by Mahershala Ali along with Jacob Perlin, Adam Shulman, and Jonathan King. Mahershala is also starring in the lead role of Cameron Turner who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and advised to replace himself with a clone in the near future. The movie is full of drama and science theories but where can you watch the movie online?

Where to watch Swan Song online?

Swan Song is an Apple TV+ original and that’s why it is available exclusively on Apple’s streaming platform from 17 Dec 2021. The streaming service provides a 7-day-free trial for its first time subscribers and after that you need to take a subscription of $4.99 per month that you can cancel anytime.

Does Netflix have Swan Song?

No, the film is an Apple TV plus exclusive and is only available to watch on the streamer. Alternatively, you can stream several similar movies like Stowaway, Chapelwaite S2, Oxygen, Black Mirror, How It Ends, Spectral, Outside the Wire, Better Things, Skylines, etc. on Netflix.

Swan Song Netflix

Is Swan Song on Amazon Prime?

Not now. The film is not yet included in the library of Amazon Prime Video and subscribers can not access the movie with a Prime Video subscription. Neither it is included in the streaming catalogue nor it is available in the VOD section where you can rent or purchase the film.


  • Mahershala Ali as Cameron / Jack
  • Celia Aloma as Cameron’s Mom
  • Awkwafina as Kate
  • Nyasha Hatendi as Andre
  • Adam Beach as Dalton
  • Naomie Harris as Poppy Turner
  • Glenn Close as Dr. Jo Scott
  • Lee Shorten as Rafa
  • Ellington as Lexi
  • Dax Rey as Cory (Age 8)
  • Aiden Adejuwon as Cory (Age 5)
  • Ace LeVere as Cory (Age 2) (as Ace Lever)
  • Shema Cayden as Cameron (Age 5) (as Cayden Shena)
  • JayR Tinaco as Alex (as Jayr Tinaco)
  • Mikayla Lagman as Sammy
  • Shane Dean as Cameron / Jack Acting Double
  • Luke Camilleri as Rob
  • Jessica Hayles as Julie
  • Christine Laliberté as Elderly Woman on Train (as Christi La Liberté)

Swan Song Apple TV+ Plot

The story follows a husband and a father who is living a good life with his family but his days of happiness start to fade when he is diagnosed with a life threatening disease, terminal cancer. Being a family man, Cameron doesn’t has enough courage to talk about his worsening health condition in front of his family. One of his doctor advised to transfer his consciousness to a surrogate that will continue to live with his family and nurture them but the clone seems to have no emotions and other moral dilemmas.

Cameron is running out of time and he must decide whether to accept his fate or trick his family to believe in the clone as real man. Will he reveal the truth to his family or hold the helping hand of science to never sadden his family? Whatever he chose, one should remember that God knows everything and you can’t fool someone with clone for a long time and when they get to know the truth, it will completely shock them and you will be the person who has broken their trust.

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