Is Better Things on Netflix? Where to stream Better Things?

Better Things is a 2022 black comedy series like Better Call Saul created by Pamela Adion and Louis CK under single camera setup. The series premiered its first season in 2016, second in 2017, third in 2019, fourth in 2020, and the fifth is premiering now in 2022. It stars Adion as the main character of story. She is playing the role of Sam Fox who is a divorced actress raising her three daughters single handedly.

Is Better Things on Netflix?

No, Better Things is not yet streaming on Netflix right now but you can watch several black comedies on the same platform like Sextuplets, After Party, Love Birds, Dolemite is My Name, Resort To Love, Who’s The Boss, The Incredible Jessica James, All About The Washington etc.

Better Things Netflix

Is Better Things on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, the series is not available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Neither it is included in Prime Video subscription for its subscribers nor it is accessible from the VOD section where you can rent/purchase it. Alternatively, you can watch other shows on Prime Video that falls into the same genre like Seven Psychopaths, Facing the Giants, Jojo Rabbit, A Journal for Jordan, Heathers, Fargo, THEM, Little Fires Everywhere etc.

Where to watch Better Things online?

Better Things is streaming on FX, HULU, and HBO MAX inside the United States. The series is also streaming on Live streaming platforms such as DirecTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Xfinity Stream and subscribers to the service can stream the show.

About Better Things

The storyline follows a successful actress named Adlon’s Sam Fox(Pamela Adlon) in her 50s who is taking care of her three sisters namely Marie Max(Mikey Madison), Frankie(Hannah Alligood), and Duke(Olivia Edward) with different personalities. Despite being in the entertainment industry from a very long time, she doesn’t has any fans or following around her home.

Moreover, she lives on the same street in Los Angeles as her mother Phyllis(Celia Imrie) but this doesn’t solve her problems. Her mom’s presence only invites more problems for her and that’s why the woman feels depressed even after getting a good sum of money.

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