THEM Amazon Prime True Story, Is the Horror Show based on real life?

THEM is the new horror series by Amazon Prime Video that tells us the life story of a black family from North Carolina who moved to LA in 1953 after a tragic incident that left them speechless. Now, they are hoping that things will get better in Southern California but here they found some new problems that they never ever imagined. Now, what will they do to live peacefully has been explained in the film.

Is THEM based on True Story?

Some scenes from THEM are based on true events such as the Mustard Gas Experiment during World War 2 in which subject soldiers were locked up in a room filled with dangerous mustard gas and not given any additional healthcare or monitoring for lasting psychological effects like PTSD.

The purpose of this experiment was to test whether black and Puerto Rican soldiers can withstand chemical attacks so that they can be deployed more heavily on the front lines. However, Pentagon never confirmed the inspiration behind the experiment on 60,000 American soldiers.

THEM Amazon Prime true story

However, this series also brings our attention to racist events as in the first episode, we saw that when the family moved to California their white neighbors doesn’t seem to be happy on their arrival. Moreover, the bankers use unfair policies to take money at outrageous interest rates that are very hard to pay for a common person.

The scene start to change in 1950s after some new laws passed and some black families start moving to West Compton. On the other hand, East Compton was still full of white people.

So, here were some real scenes that are based on true history of the United States of America. Today, racism has almost disappeared and every soldier is getting an equal treatment under the US army.

What do you think about rest of the movie? Do you still think Them is not based on a true story?

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