Will there be Chapelwaite Season 2? When will it release?

Chapelwaite Season 2 is barely have a chance to happen in the future because the ten episodes have completed the story of Stephen King’s thrilling novel Night Shift. So, there is no material remaining for the scope of another season but anything can happen in today’s world. The show makers can exclusively write some another story that will continue the plot right where ep 10 ended as it looks incomplete. But as of now, we can just wait for Chapelwaite season 2.

Will there be a season 2 of Chapelwaite?

Season 1 premiered on EPIX on 22 Aug 2021 with a total of 10 episodes. There is no official reports that the series has been renewed or cancelled. Keeping in mind, that the main protagonist Captain Charles sacrificed himself in the last episode of season 1, chances for Chapelwaite season 2 release are pretty slim as the content material is finished.

Chapelwaite season 2

About Chapelwaite

The story follows Captain Charles Boone who promised his wife to take the children back to his ancestral home located in small town of Preacher’s Corners before her tragic death at sea aboard. After reaching to to the ancestral Maine house, he uncovers the dark secrets of his own ancestors, sordid history of family, and many more things that left him shocked. He finds the cause of darkness of his family that was destroying the Boones for generations and try to fix it.


The plotline follows the similar concept designed by Stephen King in “Jerusalem’s Lot” but the writers Peter and Jason Filardi has added some other things to make it more spicy and thrilling. Adrien Brody has played his part well along with other group of cast like Jennifer Ens, Emily Hampshire, Steve McCarthy, etc. especially the young players who are really new to the industry. The gothic atmosphere, tension influence, and continuous suspense makes the visual remarkable.

If we remove the scene where there is mention of racism and one female oppression comment then it will deserve 9 out 10. However, it seems that the writer has done to make sure to clear the plot in the eyes of viewer. The hard work putted by team is clearly visible in the overall season and Boone’s sacrifice in the finale is overwhelming.

What do you think will there be Chapelwaite season 2? Since TV Series Finale confirmed that the show hasn’t renewed or cancelled officially yet as of Dec 2021. So, we can keep our hopes alive till that official announcement.

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