How the Gringo Stole Christmas Where to watch? Streaming Options

Get ready for mischief, mayhem, and a ton of holiday spirit with ‘How the Gringo Stole Christmas,’ a comedic adventure that proves the true joy of Christmas comes not from sticking to strict traditions, but from the connections we share with those we love.

Directed by Angel Gracia from the screenplay of Ezequiel Martinez Jr, the comedy movie follows a traditional Mexican father whose Christmas plans take a hilarious turn when his daughter arrives home with her new boyfriend, an uninvited “gringo” from the United States.

The film is produced by Convoke Media, Creative Tank Ink, Patriot Pictures and Future Proof Films with DJ Dodd, Shane Walker, Angel Gracia, Todd Slater, George Lopez, and Michael Mendelsohn as producers, and Barry Brooker, Patrick Rizzotti, Natalie Perrotta, and Stan Wetileb as executive producers.

Is ‘How the Gringo Stole Christmas’ on Netflix?

No, the holiday comedy is not currently available for Netflix subsribers. As an original Lionsgate production, it’s unlikely that the movie will be available on Netflix any time soon.

How the gringo stole christmas Netflix
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However, there are many Christmas movies that you can watch for free like Best Christmas Ever, The Noel Diary, Falling for Christmas, Holidate, Single All the Way, and I Hate Christmas, if you have Netflix subscription right now. Check out the recently released stand-up special of Matt Rife if you are in a mood of watching some comedy episodes.

Is ‘How the Gringo Stole Christmas’ on Amazon Prime?

The movie will be available to purchase or rental on Amazon Prime after its December 1st theatrical opening. An exact streaming release date on Amazon has not been announced yet by Lionsgate but chances are pretty good that the movie will be released as soon as its theatrical release.

Where to watch How the Gringo Stole Christmas?

How the Gringo Stole Christmas is currently streaming in US cinemas since its premiere on December 1, 2023 inside the United States.

How the gringo stole christmas movie Where to watch
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The movie has been released under the distribution of Lionsgate Films and will also be available for purchase on demand and on digital platforms like Amazon, VUDU, Apple TV, Microsoft Store, and YouTube Movies after 45 days of theatrical run.

Where can i watch how the gringo stole christmas for free?

Unfortunately, the movie is not available to stream on any ad-supported networks like Freevee or TUBI. The only to watch the film is by purchasing a movie ticket and visit your nearest cinema theater, where this movie is screening right now.

Is there an official trailer?

An official trailer for the 1 hr 31 min movie was released by Lionsgate Movies on Nov 8, 2023 that opens with three amigos talking in front of Bennie’s house that his daughter is coming home this Christmas. The real humor begins when Claudia introduces her American boyfriend to Bennie and there’s a lot of fun.

How the Gringo Stole Christmas Cast

The cast of How the Gringo Stole Christmas is as follows:

Demian Bichir (Bennie) plays the role of the traditional Mexican father, Bennie, who is determined to protect his family’s Christmas traditions.

Mariana Trevino (Gabbi) is the wife of Bennie and mother of Claudia in this holiday movie. She loves surprises opposite to her husband.

Emily Tosta as Claudia in How the gringo stole christmas movie
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Zahira Rojas (Claudia) portrays Bennie’s daughter, Claudia, who is caught between her love for her family and her new boyfriend, Vinnie.

Jesse Bradford (Vinnie) stars as the charming but culturally clueless “gringo” boyfriend, Vinnie, who tries to navigate the unfamiliar waters of Mexican Christmas traditions.

Other cast members include:

  • Alma Martinez as Tita
  • Romy Peniche as Carmen
  • Chase Gonzalez as TSA Ageny
  • Luke Speakman as Leif Jr.
  • Carys Glynne as Uber Driver
  • Amile Wilson as Toby
  • Brian S. White as Airport Cop 2 / Cluck-E-Cheese
  • Erica Stacy Wilson as Airport Person
  • Anabel Gracia as Yoga Instructor
  • Stacy Stephen Purser as Airport Person

What is the plot?

The story revolves around Bennie, a traditional Mexican father who cherishes his family’s deep-rooted Christmas traditions. However, his holiday plans take an unexpected turn when his daughter, Claudia, arrives home with her new boyfriend, Vinnie, an uninvited “gringo” from the United States.

Jack Kilmer sitting on a sofa in the middle of Mariana Trevino and Emily Tosta in Bennie's Mexican house
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Bennie’s initial disapproval of Vinnie soon escalates into a full-blown culture clash as the two clash over their contrasting holiday customs and traditions. As tensions rise, Bennie’s efforts to sabotage Vinnie’s attempts to fit into the family’s festivities lead to a series of comedic mishaps and misunderstandings.

Amidst the chaos and confusion, Bennie and Vinnie discover that they have more in common than they initially realized. They learn to appreciate each other’s differences and find a way to blend their respective cultures, creating a unique and unforgettable Christmas celebration for everyone involved.

Are you excited to watch How the Gringo Stole Christmas? Let us know your favorite Christmas recommendations in the comments. Here’s our favorite Hallmark movie this year, To All A Good Night because it has our favorite Kimberley Sustad.

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