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Netflix is ready to release another great Christmas series “I Hate Christmas” after releasing two famous movies, The Noel Diary and Falling For Christmas. This new film is the remake of a 2019 Norwegian TV series Home for Christmas created by Per Olav Sorensen.

Home For Christmas was the first Norwegian original series ever developed by Netflix and this remake will be the first ever Italian Xmas series produced by Netflix. The beautiful setting of the series makes it more lively and the shooting took place exactly where the show sets in.

Directed by Davide Mardegan with Clemente De Muro, the Italian version of the 2019 rom com series follows the story of single Giana who decides to find a date for Christmas dinner and that guy turns out to be her high school crush.

Where was I Hate Christmas filmed?

Netflix’s I Hate Christmas was filmed in and around Veneto region of Italy inside the Southern Europe. Production of the series began in mid November 2021 and wrapped before Christmas week in the same year.

Where was I Hate Christmas filmed

Most of the shooting took place in the coastal town of Chioggia, from Gianna’s father restaurant to her friends’s meet up place, everything is located on the Fondamenta Canal Vena of Chioggia town while the dinner scenes between Carlo and Gianna was shot in Castello di San Salvatore at Via Sottocroda, Susegana.

Producer Luca has to say that the Italian town is an ideal setting for a story that talks about relationships. That’s why they decided to helm most of the scenes in the coastal town of Chioggia. Some additional scenes were photographed in a commune of Veneto region, Treviso.

It is rarely seen that a series is filming in its actual setting but it is quite common for European TV shows and movies whether it is The White Lotus, My Policeman, Capitani, Operation Mincemeat, or 365 Days, they all were filmed in the same locations in which they were set.


A sweet story of a nurse named Giana who quickly says yes when is asked about her boyfriend. Moreover, she promised his family to bring him on this Christmas dinner. Now, Gianna has only 25 days left to find a decent boyfriend.

I Hate Christmas Netflix series

Will she able to find the love of her life in such a short span of time or she will speak the truth and face humiliation in front of everyone?

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