Grand Blue Season 2 Episode 1 Countdown Release Date & Manga Spoilers

Grand Blue Season 2 might happen in the coming years because of its increasing popularity among new anime generation. The anime fans are waiting for another season of the slice of life comedy series to see more of Iori Kitahara’s college and personal life. The series is based on the manga volumes written by Kenji Inoue and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka.

First season was directed and written by Shinji Takamatsu along with the original manga author Kenji, the series was animated under Zero-G Studio and licensed by Amazon Video worldwide while MBS, TBS, AT-X, and BS-TBS remained the original streaming networks in Japan. The series look like BL anime but isn’t actually gay.

Will there be a Grand Blue Season 2 countdown?

Grand Blue Season 2 is neither confirmed nor cancelled by the creators yet but fans can expect the show to return in 2024 if it gets a renewal by Sep 2023. However, it has been almost four years since the arrival of first season in 2018. But the hopes for a subsequent season are still alive among fans because the first season covered less than half of the manga chapters available at the moment.

Grand Blue season 2 release date

However, the anime renewal depends on various factors including popularity, manga sales, and content material left. The financial decision will be taken by the studio Zero-G that has animated the first season and it will be renewed only if the first season was profitable. More than 6.66 million copies were sold till November 2020 and the good news is that the manga is still ongoing and the latest 17th volume will be released on October 4, 2022.

How much manga volumes are covered in the first season?

First five volumes were adapted into an anime in the first season covering a total of 20 chapters. So, if you are planning to read the manga then you can start reading with the 21th chapter which is also the last chapter of 5th volume. There are a total of 17 volumes available to read in English.

Where can I watch Grand Blue anime?

Grand Blue anime is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video worldwide and if you want the series then you need to take a subscription to the streaming network. The anime series is only available in Japanese audio and English subtitles without any English dubbed version.


No trailer or teaser has been released for Grand Blue Season 2 right at the moment but you can enjoy the first season till the latest poster or teaser comes out. Even though, new season looks impossible to happen but who knows.

What will happen in Grand Blue Season 2?

The second season will pickup from the cliffhanger when Aina picked up a heavily alcoholic beverage get more booze for the party but her crazy personality backfired forcing Iori and Koehi to left the hotel in a hurry.

Now, the series will follow the story of diving club members who are taking part in a voice actress concert. But why are they participating?

Of course, due to the grand prize, the winner team will get a free trip to Okinawa. Along with the singing competition, the new season will also throw some light on the growing bonds of friendship between Iori Kitahara and Chisa Kotegawa.

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