Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date, Netflix, Countdown, Spoilers

Sword Art Online Season 5 is now official and is set to premiere on November 6, 2022 at its scheduled time on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and other platforms. Fans are really excited after the official confirmation of the new part for Swords Art. The isekai anime series is based on the Japanese light novels written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by abec that follows Kazuto and Asuna who travel through different virtual reality MMORPG worlds to challenge other swordsmen. Both the characters are trapped in a virtual game known as SAO but they survived due to some extra powers they possess.

Sword Art Online Season 5 Release Date and Time

Season 5 of Sword Art will be released on 6 Nov 2022 according to the latest visual released by the official website of SAO. A trailer for the series was also released on 20 Sep 2020 on the Aniplex USA YouTube channel that depicts the release date of the upcoming installment.

Sword Art Online season 5 release date

Sword Art Online Season 5 is ready to premiere this year but season 4 is halted till 2024 due to some technical issues caused due to Covid-19 pandemic. A-1 Pictures director shared that the studio is planning to adapt the whole Sword Art Online series so there is definitely scope for new seasons.

How many light novel volumes are adapted into Swords Art Online anime?

As far as light novels are considered, 26 volumes have been published in which 18 volumes are adapted already in the form of three seasons, spinoffs and films. First 4 volumes were covered in SAO S1, 5-7 volumes covered in second season, 9-14 covered in the third season, and 15-18 covered in War of the Underworld.

What will happen in Swords Art Online Season 5?

At the end of last season, Kazuto was trapped into the underworld and recalls style from the Underworld to set himself free. He also offered with a quest that can make him free. In Sword Art Online season 5, Kazuto awoke from his comatose state after taking a long year experience of 100 years from the underworld. However, the day began as a normal Sunday for him while Silica, Yui, and Lisbeth continue to levelling up their skills. Asuna, Kirito, and Alice will save their shelter from getting destroyed by softening it but found them teleported to a different place full of trees and bushes.

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