Falling for You Hallmark Movie Cast, Filming Locations, Synopsis

Falling for You is a 2018 small town romance movie directed by Peter DeLuise from the screenplay written by Joie Botkin.

Based on Jessica Gilmore’s book ‘Baking For Keeps‘, the movie is about a radio jockey Lacey who is struggling to keep her radio station alive. She met a businessman from New England who seems to show interest in her.

The film is produced by John Prince under Hallmark Channel and Two 3 The Money Media Productions.

Where was Falling for You filmed?

Falling for You Hallmark was filmed within the Squamish district of British Columbia, Canada during July 2018 under the title of Baking for Keeps.

Falling for You Hallmark cast

Stan Clarke Park and Garibaldi Highlands were utilized for the filming purposes where the English radio station manager meets a software engineer who never seems to be off his computer.

Another important filming locations include The Queen University Library, Atrium, and even the Sunflower Bakery Cafe. The Quest University tweeted that their library and Atrium resembles with a Hollywood movie set.

A cast member told to a local news reporter that the whole filming was done in a barn of roughly 150 people and they had a lot of fun as you can expect during Hallmark movie shooting,

Falling For You Filming locations

British Columbia is a popular shooting location for most of the Hallmark movies as Wedding of a Lifetime, Game Set Love, A Splash of Love, Dying for a Family, The Journey Ahead, Warming Up To You, etc.

Who’s in the cast of Falling for You?

  • Lini Evans as Patty Hathaway
  • Chris Shields as Ben Harten
  • Agape Mngomezulu as Ty
  • Matt Visser as Lucas Buckman
  • Alvin Sanders as Pete Toews
  • Brandi Alexander as Beth Herman
  • Michael Coen Chase as Sam
  • Madison Smith as Max Buckman
  • Bethany Brown as Emma
  • Ian Hawes Ias Townsperson
  • Christine Chatelain as Dana Davis
  • Alison Wandzura as Sandra
  • Catherine Lough Haggquist as Debbie
  • Kurt Szarka as TLH Ryan
  • Brenda Bauder as Florence Buckman


The film is about a small town’s radio station manager named Lacey who is facing some financial problems right now. In an attempt to make herself feel better and raise some funds, she plans to host a secret bachelor bake-off auction where she meets an amazing person named Zac.

Yes, the man is the hero of this movie who accidentally meets the heroine at the auction. Lacey asks him to participate in the bake-off because she requires a partner to participate in the auction. However, Zac is not that type of person who follows everything easily.

He tries not to fall for Lacey and continue to stick on his laptop screen. How will Lacey convince him to participate in the bake-off? Will she able to transform Zac to a normal person?

Falling For You movie is now streaming on the official website of Hallmark Channel.

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