Where was Danger on Party Island filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

The new Lifetime thriller ‘Danger on Party Island’ takes viewers on a suspenseful journey to a tropical island, but the movie wasn’t actually filmed on a remote island.

Directed by Danny J. Boyle from the screenplay of Hannah Maryse Robinson, the film stars Lindsey Dresbach as Mel Dale, an introverted attorney feeling devasted to learn about the sudden death of her younger sister.

Danny Roth has produced the film under RNR Media (Killing All My Sisters), and executive produced by Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry, Breanne Laplante, Louisa Cadywould, John Mehrer, Michael Roth, and the worldwide distrbution is done under Reel One Entertainment & Lifetime Television inside the United States.

Danger on Party Island Filming Locations

Danger on Party Island was filmed in the Tampa Bay area, Florida, primarily in the coastal regions of Pinellas County. Filming also took place at Gloria’s Guiness’s Estate in Manalapan, Florida.

Where was Danger on Party Island filmed

Production for the movie began in December 2022 and wrapped up in early January 2023. The filming schedule was tight, lasting only a few weeks.

Tampa Bay Area (Florida)

Much of the on-location shooting occurred around the sunny Tampa Bay area to depict the fictional Fang Key Island setting. The diverse landscapes and beach towns of Pinellas County served as great stand-ins for a tropical locale.

Gloria’s Guinness Estate (Manalapan, FL)

The luxurious residence of the character Mel Dale was portrayed by Gloria’s Guinness Estate in Manalapan, Florida. This sprawling mansion provided the perfect backdrop for Mel’s wealthy lifestyle before her island misadventures begin.

Madeira Beach (Pinellas Country, FL)

Remember the scene where Mel chats with her mom on the phone and notices someone suspicious? That was filmed on the expansive, sandy shores of Madeira Beach. The wide-open landscape adds a sense of vulnerability to the scene.

The scene transitions to John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk, a lively waterfront area filled with shops and restaurants like the Pirates Pub & Grub seen in the background.

John’s Pass Village & Boardwalk

As a prime filming site, John’s Pass deserves a spotlight of its own. Located at 12945 Village Boulevard, this historic village offers quintessential Florida charm. The iconic boardwalk runs along the waterfront, lined with boutiques, art galleries, eateries, and more.

It served as the perfect setting for those ominous sequences of Mel being followed. The producers likely chose John’s Pass for its photogenic looks and tax incentives offered in Pinellas County.

Generally, small budget movies are filmed in Canada. Here’re some of the recent Lifetime movies that were filmed in Canada: Killing For Extra Credit, Hunting Housewives, Crimes of Fashion, and Killing All My Sisters.

Who’s in the cast of Danger on Party Island?

Lindsey Dresbach as Mel Dale

Dresbach takes on the lead role of Mel, a lawyer who travels to a mysterious island after her sister’s death. While “Danger on Party Island” might be her biggest credit yet, Dresbach has built a career in acting and is also known for her work as a designer.

Adam Harper as Keaton Carlson

Harper is starring as Keaton in the movie. His other credits include in The Blacklist, Law & Order: Organized Crime, American Dynasty, My Husband’s Seven Wives, The Booze, AI Davis: Just Win Baby, Uncoupled, Dear Liza, etc.

Other cast members include:

  • James Bobo as Jever Lewis
  • Kylee Nicole Peck as Beach town guest
  • Kate Dailey as Paula
  • Mia Rose as Kaya
  • Adam Harper as Keaton Carlson
  • Monroe Pfiefer as Hostess
  • Mackenzie Thompson as Faye
  • James Stewart Welch Jr. as Guard
  • Haley Weber as Edith
  • David Siracusa as Bouncer
  • Darius Devontaye Green as Nick
  • Emily Maribo as Sarah Ellis
  • Annie Cook as Alice Dale
  • Andrea Prevatt as Georgia Dale
  • Jennifer H Brewer as Ferry Passenger

How to stream Danger on Party Island?

Danger on Party Island premieres on March 20, 2024 at 8 PM ET only on Lifetime Channel. The movie is also available to purchase on-demand from the Lifetime Movie App.

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