Where was Killing All My Sisters filmed? Lifetime Cast Details

The 2024 Lifetime thriller movie Killing All My Sisters takes us to a haunted university campus through its filming locations.

Directed by Haylie Duff from the screenplay of Lori Canevaro and Eric Weinstock, the film is about two ambitious women, Emily and Jenna, as they begin their journey at a prestigious American university.

The film is from RNR Media, and is produced by Danny Roth, with Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry, Breanne Laplante, John Mehrer, and Megan Miranda as executive producers.

Killing All My Sisters Filming Locations

Killing All My Sisters was filmed on location in and around Richmond, Kentucky for a few weeks spanning July through September of 2023.

Killing All My Sisters filming in Richmond, Kentucky

Initially going by the working title Dying For A Bid, the production ultimately changed the name prior to the movie’s release.

Richmond, Kentucky

With a population of around 35,000, the quaint city of Richmond was the primary filming location for the movie.

Situated amid the gently rolling hills of central Kentucky’s Bluegrass region, the quintessential small-town ambiance proved to be the perfect setting to bring the movie’s gripping narrative to life.

As the cameras rolled, Richmond was transformed into a real-life film set brimming with activity and excitement.

Over 2,400 locals enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to participate as extras, proudly showcasing their community’s celebrated hospitality and collaborative spirit.

Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), Kentucky

The esteemed Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) campus at 521 Lancaster Avenue served as the main university in the movie.

From bustling academic buildings to serene natural locales, EKU’s diverse array of backdrops provided a rich tapestry against which the film’s suspenseful story could unfold. The production took full advantage of EKU’s iconic landmarks.

The stately North Hall building, the lively Case Dining Hall, and the modern Powell Building all made cameos in the film. Ordinary Angels and Roadworthy Rescues were also shot in Kentucky.

Killing All My Sisters Cast

  • Isabella Carlsen as Emily
  • Grace Patterson as Brittany
  • Muretta Moss as Allie
  • Milton Saul as Security Guard
  • Muguet Del Toro as Jenna (as Muget Del Toro)
  • Stephen Gray as Spencer
  • Fiona Domenica as Daria
  • Leilah Star as Trish
  • Jordan Burgess as Nicki
  • Andrew Reid as William
  • Key Symone as Madison
  • Will Holland as Ryan
  • Courtnè Alyssa as Dana (as Courtney Alyssa)
  • Sarah Kopkin as Olivia
  • Caroline McKenzie as Gigi
  • Tracy Fisher as Officer Fleming
  • Brooke Falcone as Haley
  • Jacob Kaufman as Chase
  • Karra Robinson as Mindy
  • Gracelynn Rider as Kara
  • Clare Umberger as Shayna

Killing All My Sisters Movie Review

This movie follows a college freshman, Sarah, who’s determined to join the most prestigious sorority on campus. But her excitement takes a dark turn when her best friend mysteriously vanishes during rush week.

Determined to find her friend, Sarah starts digging into the sorority’s hidden secrets. What she uncovers is a web of lies and a darkness that chills her to the bone.

Will she be able to expose the truth and find her friend before it’s too late? To know the full story, you need to watch the movie on Lifetime.

Where to watch Killing All My Sisters?

Killing All My Sisters was released on Lifetime Channel on March 14, 2024. If you have missed the premiere, you can watch it on-demand from the Lifetime Movie App.

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